How much is 6 inches worth?

Okay hopefully there is no need to say get your minds out of the gutter so on to what I was meaning to reveal.

Both TV's are at SAM's Club but the more expensive 88 inch one is only available at the larger Sam's Club stores and in the case of the store that I was in when I observed this TV the Cool Springs (Franklin, TN) Store.

Want to purchase an 88 inch Samsung QLED TV?  It will cost you $16,720.00 more for the extra 6 inches of screen space.

Samsung 88 inch QLED screen $19,998.00. (Cool Springs/Franklin, TN Store)

Samsung 82 inch UHD TV          $  3,278.00. (Florence, Alabama Store)

I had to do a double take because I couldn't believe that even Sam's Club would have a TV that expensive for sale.  Then again the area that the Cool Springs store is in is a very growing and premium area to live in South of Nashville, TN and outside Franklin, TN.  

88 inch LED screen 82 inch LED screen

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