How much longer is Trump going to allow this scam.?

The Russian lie has been proven so, time to fire all the hilda beast and come what may.


Report: Mueller Teaming Up with Trump Critic NY AG Eric Schneiderman, Who Was On Hillary’s Campaign Leadership Council

It looks like the ever-expanding fishing expedition that is the Special Counsel’s ‘Russia Probe’ just expanded again.

Politico is reporting that Special Counsel Robert Mueller is coordinating his investigation with New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman.

Special counsel Robert Mueller is reportedly working with New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman on his investigation of former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort.

Politico reports that Mueller and the NY AG’s office have communicated regularly in recent weeks and shared evidence, though indictments are not immediately forthcoming. Schneiderman’s team is also said to be investigating transactions related to Trump businesses and may share its findings with Mueller.

Wait, wasn’t this supposed to be about probing whether there was collusion with Russia as to the election?

Now, it’s become, let’s see if we can catch Manafort or someone else doing something and squeeze him to say something against Trump.

Mueller joining his efforts with a state attorney general may be part of a strategy to mitigate against the president’s pardon power. Though the Constitution invests Trump with the power to pardon federal crimes, he cannot grant relief from prosecution for state or local crimes. Working with Schneiderman may ensure a state official is prepared to bring a case against Trump associates in the event the president pardons former business or campaign hands for federal crimes.

But hello, more, conflicts?


Schneiderman is not only a huge critic who has tried to sue Trump over everything from the travel ban to health care reform, he also was on Hillary Clinton’s campaign ‘leadership council.’

When both the Clinton Foundation and the Trump Foundation had filing issues, Schneiderman went after the Trump Foundation and not the Clinton Foundation.

So now the problem is not just Mueller people who donated to Hillary working on the case, but someone who was actively involved in campaign activities for her.

This will add more fuel to the fire of people who believe this is all a political witch hunt.

Most investigations start with a crime, this started with no declared crime but simply the hope to find one even if it has nothing to do with Russia or collusion.

Just unconscionable…




The stupidity of liberals, ability to ignore their ignorance

and to Destroy what gives them freedom


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This is a no win situation for Trump.   Most know that  Mueller is no friend of Trumps and is there to find a way to take Trump out.  Democrats and the Media are thus just waiting for Trump to fire him so they can use that as an excuse to say that something exist that Trump should be impeached over.  The fact that nothing has been found is of no effect to them for Mueller can investigate whatever he wants and take the investigation wherever he wants and for whatever reason as it's open ended.   I doubt that his investigation will end before the next presidential election even.  The next thing I keep waiting for is for Mueller to claim that he now needs all of Trumps Income Taxes. 

I've never seen such a collusion of people with one agenda and that is to overthrown a sitting, legally elected President all because they can't personally or politically stand him.  Trump has no chance, in my opinion, as most all of the National Media is against him and will do all within their power to swing public opinion.  The real question is ... Can they?

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