Although it doesn't work in the Subject area, within the Body of each post you can use the bar above to Format your text.  B for Bold, I for Italics and of course you can select Text Color from the drop down A▾ or Highlight from the   A ▾and then there is the drop down Formats selection for various Formatting options but no Underline is shown.  In order to Underline just hold down the CTRL + U for windows computers or ⌘Command + U for Mac (Apple) Computers.

For those of you who have an Apple Mac  Computer you can either use some special built in keyboard combinations using the "⌥Option key" or from each program/applications menu just choose "Edit" and select "Emoji & Symbols" to insert any special symbols or Emojis

Then again it's possible that the nice, cute, Emojis or symbols won't translate through and appear on the forum's page.  But never know till you try.

Be as the Bereans ( Acts 17:11 )


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