Hugh Freeze Out at Ole Miss

So who will Ole Miss get to replace Freeze and will they lose any 5 Start players, in the process, and to whom?  The state of Mississippi has had a few years of bad luck in College football after a year in which both Mississippi teams were contending for the nation's top ranking.  Just shows it can be a quick hard fall in the SEC if you don't watch out.  I doubt Ole Miss will look at Louisville's Bobby Petrino for this vacancy when he had his past discretions with women while at Arkansas.  Then again it seems to have been a less than one minute phone call that did Freeze in where Paterno was caught red handed after his motorcycle accident. 

Alabama will be ranked number one and I don't know that anyone had Mississippi picked to do anything this year but this sure doest help.  Guess instead of the Egg Bowl this year they've got the Egg Face.  I doubt very seriously that Ole Miss could coax Coach Kelly to Mississippi but one wonders if they might go looking for the Mad Hatter (Les Miles) or a former SEC coach like Tommy Tuberville?  Not long before it's College football time again. RTR!

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Tuberville's forgone his quest to be governor and headed for ESPN.  Tebow's replacement?

With no real expectations, Miles would be fun.  Last year, Ole Miss went from artificial to natural grass so that would be an enticement.

If he kept his "Flo" outfit, Lame Kitten would fun be too.


I wouldn't rule out Lane except that I doubt he would leave his Beach Front home and Florida life for a Mississippi residence.  Still it would be interesting, and funny, to see Nick Saban have to face him year after year.   Although I doubt Nick would say much about it you know it would eat on him.

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