Idaho sisters arrested in murder-for-hire plot, police say


Debra Wensman, left, and Doris Wensman were charged in an alleged murder-for-hire plot.

Debra Wensman, left, and Doris Wensman were charged in an alleged murder-for-hire plot.

Two Idaho sisters described as "super-nice ladies" pitched a murder-for-hire plot to a fuel delivery man -- who they earlier accused of stalking -- and then to an undercover cop -- who they'd just met -- before they were arrested, police said.

And, still, no one is sure why the women allegedly wanted their neighbor dead.

Debra Wensman, 50, and Doris Wensman, 46, of Greencreek, were arrested Thursday after allegedly offering to give an undercover officer money, guns and ammunition to kill their neighbor, Ed Stubbers, The Lewiston Tribune reported.


Ryan Mader was delivering fuel to the sisters Tuesday when they confronted him and accused him of stalking them, the newspaper reported, citing a probable cause affidavit. Officials said the sisters were paranoid that people were trying to bankrupt them so they'd lose their farm and they appeared to believe Mader was part of the plot.

But then, somehow, the conversation allegedly turned to the sisters offering Mader guns, ammunition and $5,000 to kill Stubbers. The sisters told Mader they had tried in the past to hire someone to kill Stubbers, but never went through with it, The Lewiston Tribune reported. Mader told his employer about the encounter, and Mader's boss went to the cops.

On Thursday, deputy Sam AuGello, working undercover, drove to the Wensman’s property. The sisters, who reportedly said their house was bugged, allegedly began to discuss the murder-for-hire plot with the stranger and offered him $ 1,500, guns and ammo to kill their neighbor. They even gave the deputy a loaded handgun as an “act of good faith,” according to The Lewiston Tribune. The sisters allegedly told AuGello they had to go the bank to withdraw the money for the job. When they came back, police were waiting.

It's not clear what motive the sisters had for wanting Stubbers dead. One person from the area told The Daily Beast the sisters may have felt harassed by the surrounding residents. A former neighbor told the outlet the sisters were “super-nice ladies.”


The sisters were charged with felony purpose of promoting or facilitating the commission of a crime by soliciting a person to commit murder. They were being held at the Idaho County Jail on separate $100,000 bonds.

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