Truly amazed at the insensitivity and stupidity of some of the questions addressed to the superintendent of Huntsville schools......One reporter asked the superintendent to describe how the parents of the dead children the hell?
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I was disappointed in the fact that WHNT 19 not only shot video from within feet of the victims as they were treated but decided to air it as well. Have they ever heard of editing? The police had to push them back.
From what I saw on WAFF 48 at least they shot most video from afar, but I still thought the zoomed in shots were inappropriate.
WAAY 31 had no idea what they were talking about most of the time so I didn't see much of their video.
These were injured and in some cases dying people - show some respect camera people!
WHNT said the video was unedited so it could be aired as soon as they got it. I found it a little funny that they were still saying this hours later when they were airing the same footage. I'm sure they were just trying to do it for shock value without regard to the feelings of the families.
i saw nothing any different than reporting from any tragic site. i became digusted with onsight reporters during the Katrina flooding.
Reporters are an insensitive lot and have no emotional considerations for anyone
You have to pity the poor reporters in this situation. They could have laid their cameras and notebooks aside, and rushed in to help the victims. Of course they all got to the scene before the rescue personnel, and they are all medically qualified, and of course they carry all the necessary supplies to provide state of the art first aid. And on top of that, they were not there to provide you with information about the event, they were there to help the injured and reduce the confusion and panic at the site.

Put your head back on. Reporters and Photographers are YOUR eyes and ears on the events of the day. They should be busy getting the pictures and information available at the scene, and they should KEEP OUT OF THE WAY OF THE PROFESSIONALS.
A reporter's job is to tell the story, not become the story. The accounts, video, and stills of an event are recorded in history for us all to remember. When something bad happens, what's the first thing you do? You turn on the TV or the radio to find out more information. When that bus crashed, everyone on these forums were clamoring for info. The reporters gave it to you. When 9/11 happened, where were you? Probably parked in front of a TV like everyone else trying to find out as much as you could. If all of the photogs and reporters decided to stop what they were doing and help, we wouldn't have the images and information that we do today. Without that, we would quickly forget what happened.
I don't have a problem with reporters, well, reporting...that's their job. But when I see them get in the way, asked to move and they refuse? There should be laws in place for that and they should be arrested. When medical personnel are trying to get people help, it's not the time for a close up shot or stupid questions. But yes, if they would show common human decency, I'd be behind them all the way.
Joy, I think you have it right. The reporter is the messenger, sometimes the message is hard to get, but at accidents and particularly major ones, the officials almost always provide a person to deal with the media. That is the only person a reporter should seek out, and the last person the cameras should look for. The reporter who is approached by someone involved in the event as a victim or rescuer is fortunate, the reporter who approaches them is intruding.
I agree with you guys on that and the extra STOOPID questions such as asking someone else to make a statement to the feelings of the parents? That sort of crap has NOTHING to do with reporting an incident
The worst thing I've seen is on Channel 19. They have some arial photos of the bus. The anchor says, "Look closely at this photo. See the shoes scattered around the bus door?"

It's as if they want to make sure we realize how awful the whole thing is.
I am not taking up for them but 19 did show the video of them taking the bus away without any commentary. I did find that nice. Although it did not make up for the other questions that were asked out of bad taste.
I also think Gov Riley's visit and comments were of bad taste too. 2 days after it happened. It might have cut into his busy, me me me lifestyle as a Gov.
Channel 48's reporting style is alarmist, very much like "THE SKY IS FALLING, THE SKY IS FALLING!!"

So, to some degree, and in some sense, they tend to lose respect because of it.

However, they do continue to have top ratings during sweeps.

So, go figure.

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