Hurrah for Trump; and Who is supporting them?

Numbers coming in new Caravan

First off, in the news, and by no mistake (I believe) is a new caravan of future illegal immigrants on their way in a collective group through Mexico heading to the United States seeking to burst our border and come into the US, Illegally.

I'm just sure all these people, on their own, made the decision, at the same time, to make this trek to the US and just happened to all get together in a caravan with all the publicity being out there about how Trump feels about Illegal immigrants.  Well, think about it ... how are all these people making it to America from South America?  Whose providing their food, water, other things they need, sanitation?  Someone is paying for them and I doubt very seriously it's the people themselves.  There may be people that pay others to sneak them in but in those cases, the people aren't in large groups and they sneak them into the country, across the border, they don't announce them. 

I don't know who is paying for them but I wouldn't doubt it being tied to Billionaire George Soros and the timing, being what it is, wanting the Democrats to win the Mid-Terms, want these people to hit the border area just before the Mid-Terms happen so the Democrats and Mainstream media could paint Republicans and Trump as "Heartless" turning all these "innocent" children and families away.

Kudos to Trump also for making the statement to the Nations that these people are coming from saying that IF they allow these people to join the caravan and promote it then they will immediately lose what money is sent from the US to their countries.  Makes me wonder also WHY are we sending any money to these countries and what is that money doing?  How is that money used once the country receives it?

Be as the Bereans ( Acts 17:11 )
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