Democrats roasted and lambasted Trump supporters for crying "Lock Her Up" when referring to Hillary Clinton during the campaign and even today as they feel she escaped prosecution that surely any other American who did the things she did would get.  Today Nancy Pelosi says that she wants to see Donald Trump not impeached but "behind bars" and no one complains.  How is that and just what has Trump done that warrants jail?  Beat Hillary?  Win Election?  Be an elected Republican?

Democrats also railed against anyone wanting to just investigate Obama's birth status and his qualification for office or railed against anyone wanting to investigate Hillary about her email deletion and use of private servers.  Democrats and the media wanted to rail against those who wanted to get answers about Benghazi or investigate who gave the order to stand down to those willing to go and assist in the fight.  Now the Dems and the Media want to crucify and lambast AG Barr for daring to want to investigate those who started the investigations on Trump yet the same people have no problem spending millions and Investigating Donald Trump for winning the 2016 Election and even want to reopen another investigation in the House because the two year + Muller Report didn't bring back the information they wanted to hear.

Just a few cases.

Be as the Bereans ( Acts 17:11 )

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Here we are today and the Media has to prove my point yet again.  The MSM (Media) is totally outraged at Trump because he has chosen to criticize Nancy Pelosi from France.  No condemnation or criticism toward Nancy Pelosi for making the remark about her wanting him to be in prison.  

Mainstream Media also is concentrating on saying that Trump used the background of the cemetery and slain soldiers graves as a backdrop to his comments but what they don't report or acknowledge is that it wasn't Trump that chose the background but the Media themselves and Trump just happened to be there..

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