I Am Barry Soetoro

Barack Hussein Obama: I Am Barry Soetoro, But I’ve Never Used Another Alias

Barack Hussein Obama Soetoro Sobarkah is an enigma for sure, and the evidence of his birth certificate being a fraud is overwhelming. However, recall that this usurper of the People's White House was caught on video not only claiming to be Barry Soetoro, but also claiming that he had never used any other aliases.

First, take a look at this video of Obama speaking at Cambridge Public Library on September 20, 1995 as he promoted a book with his name one it, Dreams From My Father, which was written by domestic terrorist Bill Ayers.

As Obama speaks, he tells the audience that his family referred to him as Barry, not Barack. So, what or who is Barack Hussein Obama?

When Obama was sworn in as an Illinois attorney, he claimed that he had no full former names.

It's interesting that Barry Soetoro was how Barack Obama was known in high school and portrayed himself as a foreigner, according to a classmate.


Not only should Congress be dealing seriously with the evidence that Joe Arpaio is going to present to it, but the State of Illinois should be taking serious steps to bring this fraud to justice for perjury. They could do so simply by applying the law as written.

Rules of the Board of Admissions and Committee on Character and Fitness
"Rule 6.4. The revelation or discovery of any of the following should be treated as cause for further detailed inquiry before the Committee decides whether the law student registrant or applicant possesses the requisite character and fitness to practice law: (a) unlawful conduct; (b) academic misconduct; (c) making false statements, including omissions;

(d) misconduct in employment; (e) acts involving dishonesty, fraud, deceit or misrepresentation; (f) abuse of legal process; (g) neglect of financial responsibilities; (h) neglect of professional obligations; (i) violation of an order of a court; (j) evidence of conduct indicating instability or impaired judgment; (k) denial of admission to the bar in another jurisdiction on character and fitness grounds; (l) disciplinary action by a lawyer disciplinary agency or other professional disciplinary agency of any jurisdiction; (m) acts constituting the unauthorized practice of law; (n) failure to comply with the continuing duty of full disclosure to the Board and the Committee subsequent to the date of registration or application."

Barack Obama fraudulently applied to the Illinois Bar.

  • Obama had 17 unpaid parking tickets from his days at Harvard.
  • Obama omitted his aliases of Barry Soetoro and Barry Obama.
  • Obama admitted to drug use when he was younger and there is strong reason to believe he was still using drugs.

Just because some people are happy he will be leaving office in January does not mean he should not be held accountable for his crimes.





The stupidity of liberals, ability to ignore their ignorance


Original Post

Everyone knows this is bs.  It has been fact checked a thousand times by numerous organizations.  It is only posted on conspiracy theorists websites.  I am actually quite happy you posted it, it means I don't have to take your posts seriously at all.  You're nuts LOL.

The best part is, although I disagree with their politics, Gifted, Dire and a few others on your side of the fence often make cogent, succinct and rational arguments.  But just knowing you are on their side kind of pulls down that sides credibility!  

It's like having an all-star infield but having your outfield filled with Single-A players.   God bless, I love this!  Thank you!

Oh and just for good measure, here is a link to a politifact article where they show the college ID that these nutjobs use as proof that he was a foreigner named Barry Sotero.   Everyone knows he used "Sotero" until about the age of 10, because it was his Stepfathers name.



However, the ID shows a picture of him well into his 30's and also it's taken from an ID of a Columbia Student many years after Obama attended Columbia (Columbia didn't even have those types of ID's when Obama attended).   This guy's only involvement was being the unlucky SOB who posted his college ID online.



Oh the reason no one has actually taken the time to disprove every iota of what you posted is because it was started by literal nutjob dentist/attorney/conspiracy theorist Orly Taitz.   She is very well known as a bonafied nut.  Just some of her greatest hits.

1.)Orly Taitz Faces Possible Sanctions from Federal Judge


2.) From another article 

Morrissey’s comments came a week after birther queen Orly Taitz interjected herself into the Electoral College process by filing a lawsuit in a federal court in California seeking to block Vice President Joe Biden from opening envelopes containing the electoral votes in front of a joint session of Congress in January. Taitz was joined in the lawsuit by federal prison inmate Keith Judd, who received 41 percent of the vote against Obama in May’s Democratic presidential primary in West Virginia.


3.) Orly Taitz Sues to Stop Electoral College Vote


4.) Orly Taitz Loses Obama College Records Case in California Courts


5.) Orly Taitz Pretty Sure George Clooney's Hot Lawyer Wife Will Finally Prove Obama Isn't President


6.)  Birther lawyer/dentist Orly Taitz has latest round of lawsuits against Obama smacked down by Texas Judge


7.) What Orly Taitz Believes



And that's only a small portion of the nonsense and insanity Miss Taitz brings to the table.  Congratulations, you're taking the word of a stark raving mad lunatic as the Gospel.


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