I'm a professing Christian but I'm not going here

I know there are churches like this and pastors and congregations that practice snake handling and drinking poison but I'm not one to feel we should tempt the Lord.  I do agree that there is a verse in scripture that mentions taking up the serpent and not getting bit and drinking poison and not dying but that is one verse and, sadly, many make a practice based upon that one verse.  I do agree that faith is strong and they certainly demonstrate their faith but apparently, the current pastor's brother and father both took up the serpent and lost their faith because the article speaks about their death after being bit.

I'm sorry but I can honestly say I would not be a good patron for this church and if I somehow found myself in one of these churches I can assure you the spirit would move me when they brought out the snakes.  I'd move to the nearest door or exit.  

In the article, linked to above, the pastor made the following statement “Sometimes the spirit comes on so strong it makes you sick,”  Then again it could be the poison that he just drank a little bit ago that gave him that feeling.  I also notice in one room of the church, at least from the photos it appears this way, they keep the same snakes that they use in the service.  I wonder if those snakes somehow get used to being held by these people?   I wonder if they somehow get used to it and therefore don't strike the people?  As a professing Christian, I have to say I do not believe what they are doing is something that G_d wants His followers to do.  Also, as a Christian, if G_d was to tell me to pick up the serpent or drink position I'd do it but G_d hasn't and I'm not going to until that day happens. 


 The church is in the small mountainous town of Squire, West Virginia

From the photo above - I believe the fact that there are no windows in the building should be some kind of indicator not to go in. 

From looking at the photo below all I could think about was the kids in the photo and to me that could be considered child endangerment by many.  At least there appears to be one window in the sanctuary.  I think if it was me that was in that service I'd either be taking the door to the rear or the window to the side.  If neither was available I might tend to make them a new one somewhere.

 Chris holds the snake with his bare hands as the congregation clap and cheer

Be as the Bereans ( Acts 17:11 )

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