Elizabeth Warren would be a horrible president for the economy and people in business know this.

One well known investor recently said that if she won, the stock market wouldn’t even open.

Market Watch reports:

Billionaire investor on Elizabeth Warren as president: Market might not even open

That’s Leon Cooperman, the billionaire boss at Omega Advisors, joking to a crowd at the Delivering Alpha conference in New York this week about what a win for the left could ultimately mean for investors.

He wasn’t joking, however, in his belief that somebody like Elizabeth Warren in the White House would be disastrous for the stock market.

“The Democratic Party seems to be leaning towards the left on policies, which is very harmful for the economy. I don’t like the shift to the left,” he explained to CNBC, adding that the market, of course, will open, but it won’t be pretty.

“It would be a bear market and they go on for a year and go down 25%,” he said. “You don’t make the poor people rich by making rich people poor.”…

“Her policies are counterproductive,” Cooperman said. “They’re negative for capitalism, and capitalism is what brought America into the position we’re in today.”

Meanwhile, the liberal media is doing everything it can to prop Warren up. The Washington Post recently compared her to the famous abolitionist (and Republican) Frederick Douglass – because she takes selfies.

Take a look at this:

Frederick Douglass photos smashed stereotypes. Could Elizabeth Warren selfies do the same?

They look nothing alike.

Frederick Douglass — a black man campaigning for the abolition of slavery in the 1840s — appears alone in almost every photograph, staring down the camera in isolated, thoughtful splendor. Elizabeth Warren — a white woman campaigning for the presidency in 2019 — features today in countless iPhone photos and Instagram feeds, her arm around voter after voter, always bearing the same wide grin.

The two are separated by race, gender and more than 100 years of history that forged an America that would probably be unrecognizable to Douglass. Still, experts say, their use of photography collapses the distance: Douglass sat for scores of pictures to normalize the idea of black excellence and equality, and Warren’s thousands of selfies with supporters could do the same for a female president.

“It is cognitively harder for people to think about women in the role of political leader because we haven’t seen a lot of women in political leadership,” said Nichole Bauer, a professor of political communication at Louisiana State University. “With this selfie factory, she’s normalizing that image — in the same vein that Douglass used photography.”

Have you ever heard anything so dumb in your entire life?

America is Still Free to a Fault

Original Post

It's so predictable that the liberal media is laying wait to see who it is that is going to have staying power and show an advantage in the Democrats race for a nominee.  For a short time it was Harris who seemed destined to capture the media's attention but when she was crucified over her miserable performance as California Attorney General in the 2nd Democratic debate her venerably and popularity, within the party, was severely questioned and her favored status declined.  

Just what do you think the media would do with Trump or any Republican if there was evidence that they did what Elizabeth Warren did in order to get into Harvard and gain advantages by being deceitful about who she/he was?  What's even more telling is the grief and outrage that the media and Democrats are demonstrating about suggesting that Trump is inquiring of Ukrainian officials about Joe Biden's son's advantages that he has obtained and about how certain high level investigations were cancelled or stopped from within yet NO curiosity or care that Biden's son got a most beneficial (to him) financial job while Biden was Vice President and able to benefit the Ukraine.  The outrage is all one sided as to if Trump stepped over the line, as President, in talking about or discussing the deal that Biden's son got when Biden was  VP.  No inquiry or questioning as to if Biden's son actually got benefits due to the then Vice President or if Biden did anything on behalf of his son.   

It's just like all the outrage over republicans who are revealed to have dawned blackface paint while in their youth yet totally ignoring Democrats or liberals who did or do the exact same things.  Calls for Republicans to resign or quit while sympathy and forgiveness for Democrats doing the exact same things, or worse.  Outrage saying Justice Kavanaugh showed himself to women at a party or was pushed toward a student with his manhood out all accusations by another student who has known Democrat associations and was a lawyer for the Clintons at one time, yet his accusations of the above carrying far more weight and condemnation than actual rape accusations against the Virginia Lt Governor.  It's believe women, who align with Democrats, making accusations about a Republican Justice/nominee who can't even remember when the event happened or where or whose own friends claim that the event never happened yet totally ignore accusations of women, from the same political party having no political reasons to lie, about a Lt. Governor for actual rape. 

Yep politics is certainly dirty and selectively blind as well.  AS for the Stock Market if any Democrat wins over Trump I also believe there will be a historic drop, the likes as has never been seen before and that will only be a foreshadow of economic things to come.  Rest assured though that the liberal media will find a way to spin it to be Trump's fault.

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