After several Republican incumbents lost their midterm elections in what were considered safe, or relatively safe, “red” seats in otherwise deep blue California, a number of conservative political analysts have begun to examine just what happened in those districts and why, suddenly, they flipped to Democrats.

And though they’ve only just begun to scratch the surface, already there are indications of foul play: Once again, Democratic operatives have been caught in vote fraud schemes that may have tipped the scales for their preferred candidates. 

Surprisingly, the establishment media was the first to report on at least one case in the Golden State. NBC News reported last week that nine people have been charged “in connection with a voter fraud scheme in which homeless people in Los Angeles’ Skid Row neighborhood were given cash and cigarettes in exchange for fraudulent signatures on ballot initiative petitions and voter registration forms,” according to prosecutors.

The L.A. County District Attorney’s Office did not provide many details regarding the allegations and charges, but in May NBC Los Angeles and NBC News found that initially charges against three of the nine suspects allegedly gathered signatures for four proposed ballot amendments.

“This is voter fraud, which we talk about and we know it exists, but it isn’t exactly something that patrol officers deal with,” said LAPD Detective Meghan Aguilar told the news network earlier this year.

And apparently it isn’t something that Democratic leaders of a very blue city deal with much, either — except, of course, to look the other way.

Granted, this isn’t a case about candidates. But obviously if Democratic operatives are willing to cheat in order to ensure certain ballot measures are passed (or defeated), what would stop them from cheating in order to oust Republicans? (Related: Yes, voter fraud is real and yes, Democrats are behind it: Leftists caught funding illegal voting ring in Texas.)

The real threat to our republic is Democrat vote fraud

“Democrats in California continue to pretend voter fraud doesn’t exist,” Matt Fleming, spokesman for the Republican Party of California, told NBC News via email. “However, this incident highlights the need for more investigation of claims.”

Linda Paine, co-founder and president of the group Election Integrity Project California, was happy that prosecutors were pursuing the case. But she also noted that it means there are far larger problems with the system.

“California’s electoral process is based on the honor system. We know not everyone is honest. We are going to have our attorneys look into this as well,” she told NBC News.

Writing for Fox News, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich — who once actually criticized POTUS Donald Trump for tweeting about vote fraud — accused Democrats just days after the midterms of trying to “steal” elections. 

“Watch the Democrats try to steal elections, and think about how Democratic dishonesty is a much greater threat to freedomthan some unproven Russian conspiracy,” he wrote.

He noted further:

The fact is that after all of their feigned worries about Russia influencing the election, Democrats will end up stealing a lot more votes than Vladimir Putin ever dreamed of taking.

Watch the next few days unfold. Remember the lies, smears and character assassination Democrats threw at Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

And worry for the very fabric of our country.

Translation: The new Democrat mantra is “win at any cost” — steal votes, commit vote fraud, or cast doubt about Republican victories. Whatever it takes to regain power that, obviously, cannot be regained through legal, normal means (fair elections).

This is why the Democrat Party, Left-wing “civil rights” groups and the establishment media fight GOP attempts to implement voter ID laws and fix loopholes — and are fighting the Trump administration’s attempts to place a citizenship question back on the 2020 Census: It’s because they’ve spent more than a decade creating a chaotic, unmanageable system that is easily manipulated.

And if something doesn’t change, Republicans — including the president — won’t have a prayer of winning in 2020.


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“A huge deal,” said Eileen Padberg, a veteran GOP strategist who recently shed her affiliation out of frustration with Trump and the national party.

Likening the GOP’s hegemony to a dictatorship, Padberg said that for as long as she could recall, “If you wanted contracts, if you wanted a job, you had to be a Republican.”

But, she said, as Orange County changed — growing younger, more diverse, more socially tolerant — most of its Republican lawmakers failed to change with it. “They focused only on their right-wing base,” Padberg said, “and didn’t do a good job problem-solving.”

Trump, who lost Orange County to Hillary Clinton in 2016, was no help, weighing down Republican incumbents and challengers alike.

For Republicans in Orange County, the decline happened slowly, then all at once.

The right-wing conservatism that the nation would come to know emerged after World War II, as small farming communities boomed, with families working at new military bases and aerospace firms. Those residents — many part of the white flight from Los Angeles County, others from the Midwest and the South — were naturally conservative Cold Warriors, whether they were Republican or Dixie Democrats.

 But dislike for Trump hastened the rising countywide Democratic tide, and party strategists seized the moment.

“If Hillary Clinton would have won in 2016, these seats would still be Republican,” said UC Irvine politics professor Matthew Beckmann, noting the virtual certainty of the party in the White House losing seats in a president’s first midterm election.

Which raises a question: Will Orange County stay Democratic blue, or at least a more competitive shade of purple?

“It’s going to take a couple more election cycles before we know,” Spencer, the longtime GOP strategist, said. “But it’s a sign to me that things are going south for Republicans and if they don’t change the way they do things, they’re going to go even further south.”

Either way, he said, “This election is one hell of a wake-up call for the Republican Party in California.”

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