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Thanks, I'll keep this in mind. I don't open attachments from unknown sources. If, John Podesta had been smarter, most of the Russian hacking would have been avoided. 

Actually, from what I've heard of the Podesta emails there is no indication that it was the Russians who revealed his computer's contents.  Russian hacking occurred to both the Democrat and Republican National Conventions computers.  They did not break into the Republicans computers account of their protections but they (or someone) did succeed in hacking into the Democratic servers and gathering information.   As for Podesta's computer and the information on it, along with the emails, whoever did that did so by guessing his password ... which, by the way, was "PASSWORD" so most likely didn't take much guessing and certainly could have been done by anyone that had interest in what might be there.

Another thing, that is interesting, about the DNC Computers.  Once it was discovered that for sure they had been hacked the FBI wanted to examine them to investigate and track who did the hacking but the DNC did not allow the FBI to analyze or even look at their computers.  Instead the DNC refused the FBI's request and they, instead, chose a private group/company named "CrowdStrike" which is run by a extreme enemy/critic of Putin and doesn't have the highest credibility among some. (what-crowdstrike-firm-hired-dnc-has-ties-hillary-clinton-ukrainian-billionaire-and-g).  There is very much speculation as to why the DNC would not allow the FBI to look into their Computers and some/many feel that it's because of what was contained on there that might have been incriminating of Hillary Clinton's campaign against Bernie Sanders.  https://www.wired.com/2017/01/...acked-email-servers/.  

Some other points I believe are pertinent are:

  • There is no doubt that the Russians, like the Chinese, North Koreans, Israelis, and potentially others, attempted to hack  into many computers associated with our Government and elections.  WE, the United States, ALSO attempt to do the exact same to all the other Nations, including Germany and other Allies.
  • Podesta's emails were obtained because someone (unknown and unproven) obtained them by using Podesta's own password "Password" to get access to all his sent and received and stored emails.  
  • DNC's and RNC's servers were both attempted to be hacked but only the DNC's were successfully hacked and information obtained.
  • RNC's Computers were attempted to be hacked but their protection schemes prevented entry into their servers.
  • There is NO Proof that Russia was the one who hacked the DNC and provided the information obtained to Wikileaks
  • Wikileaks stated, dogmatically, that the source of the DNC server information was not the Russians.
  • It was revealed, by leaks/hacks from/against our own CIA, that there are measures that hackers can take to not only mask who they are but create the evidence that makes it appear that the hacking came from any Nation that they wanted it to.   If we had that capability then others surely do as well.   So even if there are digital fingerprints on any hacking it is highly possible that those fingerprints were planted to both hide the actual source of the hacking and also make it appear to be from another source. 
  • Speculation was that the information from, and about, the DNC came from an inside (Democratic) source.  Possibly Seth Rich (http://www.nbcwashington.com/n...st-DC-386316391.html)  The DNC staffer that was killed in Washington DC one very early morning as he was reported to have been going to supply some important inside information, but that is speculation and not proven.

Now if any of the above information is incorrect I'm willing to accept correction but please supply sources/URLs of correcting articles/sources.  

As for the Democrats, they could have potentially prevented being hacked had they had the same level of protection that the Republicans had because there was attempts to hack them as well.  AS for Podesta, well a stronger password other than the word "Password" would have been a great start.   Also not keeping such damaging material stored in your computer would be another step or at least encrypting it to where it wouldn't be so easily read.  

MY APOLOGIES to this post.  I thought about deleting it because truthfully this one should be in the Political topic but I decided to leave it as I suppose it also applies to "news" as well.

Hackers didn't even have to guess. Podesta gave it to them via a spear phishing ploy.  With access to the email, a route to the DNC servers was exposed.  The servers had no anti-hacking software.  Even, the old cracked screen laptop I'm using now has pretty good such software.  I've a much better one, which I use some.  I back up most important stuff.  The stuff I don't wish exposed is on an encrypted thumb drive.  Paranoid, but of course. If one isn't paranoid, nowadays, one is insane. 

Back in the early 2000's I was strictly a Window's PC user and I kept virus software on my computer, usually that which is provided free of charge from our internet provider which is either McAfee or Norton.   I also had Avast which was free for home users.   

I was also fairly active (buying and selling) on ebay and one day I noticed that I had multiple items, listed for sale, but the thing was I never had anything (at that time) for sale.  After some investigation and quick notification to ebay and those bidding on the items listed under my id but wasn't mine it was apparent that I had obtained a "key logger" and as a result someone got my email access info.  

I immediately changed ALL my passwords for banks and other signon sights and I ran antivirus applications over and over trying to identify and get rid of the key logger or malware.  Another thing I did was convert my entire family (Wife & myself) over to Apple Mac's.  Since the early 2000s I have been using Apple Mac's, MacBook Pro, iMac desktop etc. for all my online activity and online banking and finance activities.  Since that time I never had a regret of doing so.  Before that time I had lost all my data with PC crashes on two different occasions, once with no backups, but since converting to Apple Mac's I've had no destructive events, no loss of data, no crashes, no Blue Screens, and no more key loggers or problems with slow booting computers.  Given what happened to Podesta I think he would have had the same result even with a mac for when you give away the keys to the kingdom there really isn't but one to blame for what happens.

As for computers and computing I very much love Apple products and their Operating system and recommend it highly.

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