IG Horowitz Finds FBI, DOJ Broke Law In Clinton Probe

 Refers To Prosecutor For Criminal Charges

As we reported on Thursday, a long-awaited report by the Department of Justice's internal watchdog into the Hillary Clinton email investigation has moved into its final phase, as the DOJ notified multiple subjects mentioned in the document that they can privately review it by week's end, and will have a "few days" to craft any response to criticism contained within the report, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Those invited to review the report were told they would have to sign nondisclosure agreements in order to read it, people familiar with the matter said. They are expected to have a few days to craft a response to any criticism in the report, which will then be incorporated in the final version to be released in coming weeks. -WSJ

Now, journalist Paul Sperry reports that "IG Horowitz has found "reasonable grounds" for believing there has been a violation of federal criminal law in the FBI/DOJ's handling of the Clinton investigation/s and has referred his findings of potential criminal misconduct to Huber for possible criminal prosecution."

Sperry also noted on Twitter that the FBI and DOJ had been targeting former National Security Advisor Mike Flynn before his December 2016 phone call with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak, stemming from photos of Flynn at a December 2015 Moscow event with Vladimir Putin (and Jill Stein).




The stupidity of liberals, ability to ignore their ignorance

and to Destroy what gives them freedom

 If liberals can't cheat, they can't win

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The fact that the media, has for so long, become more a propaganda machine for the DNC with out care to investigate obvious abuses of power and various targeted investigations depending upon political affiliations gives pause to reflect whether or not we have descended into a quasi third world government, with respect to that same media.  The "Media" is no longer a revered institution that can be relied upon to hold politicians and government accountable and they are sure not a news organization any longer.  They have become a political arm of the Democratic party to be used to influence, or make, public opinion.

The things that the American public has experienced over the last 9 years  has been unprecedented, with respect to the Constitution as we have actually seen departments of the executive branch politically weaponized against those of the opposite political party.   Case in point the IRS and Lois Learner's treatment of "Tea Party" groups which filed seeking tax free status.  Now, with the revelations around the Hillary Clinton email investigation it's more than apparent that James Comey changed the wording of the report, about Hillary Clinton, to remove language that would have called for an indictment.  Additionally interviews conducted,  by the FBI, that were not under oath, that were not conducted by senior FBI officials and whose results were revealed, to Clinton, before such interviews were ever agreed to or conducted show a corruption within the Justice department, up to and including, the attorney general herself.  

In the Obama administration we are now learning that justice Department, that is the FBI, and some of it's senior officials, Democratic donors, actually infiltrated the opposite political parties campaign in attempts to do damage to the campaign or give advantages to the Democrats.  For a year, ongoing now, we have seen a political witch hunt where a legitimately elected President is under attack in an attempt to remove him from office with fabricated information yet no one in the media seems to care to report on it.  

Speaking of the media we have a completely biased and pre-disposed media where the majority of the media outlets are controlled and influenced by  politically liberal people who actively support the Democratic party and can be documented to have steered the media coverage, of the Trump Campaign and Presidency, to reflect a 90% plus NEGATIVE series of reporting.  There is an active attempt to MAKE, not report, the news and steer public opinion against a sitting, legally elected, President and all without care from an electorate who has watched it happen.  

The greatest shock and surprise, to these people, was when the American electorate actually rejected their chosen candidate and elected Donald Trump as President.  None was more shocked than the Democratic candidate herself who couldn't even compose herself to come make a concession speech that night.  Here is a candidate who belongs in prison rather than the White House and yet couldn't even win, as close to a rigged election, as possible what with all the help that the media contributed to assist her.  Here we have a politically, and morally, flawed candidate who has obviously been in violation of the law and the media has laid off her and ceased to investigate anything around her yet the same media has spent years pursuing Donald Trump on charges that were based solely upon information that was knowingly false and fabricated and paid for by his opposing politically party in an attempt to keep him from getting elected.  Now, since he was elected, is being used in an attempt to unseat him.

It used to be you would hear the saying "only in America" with respect to certain things but given what our political system has descended into, along with a completely suspect media, we can only suspect such from some banana republic yet we have it in America, alive and well, within the Democratic Party.  The abuses of Watergate era Politicians pale in comparison and yet whereas the media was instrumental in holding crooked politicians accountable and revealing corruption in government today the media is instrumental in protecting the corruption and has become a willing accomplice complicit in  their actions and reporting or failures to report.

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