Just call it the “baseless smear” that can’t be debunked and won’t go away.


Ilhan Omar married her brother. Trump said that he had heard talk that she married her brother but knew “nothing about it.”

In response, the media flew into an immediate frenzy.

CNN’s Jim Acosta immediately called Trump out for spreading “disgusting lies.” The Daily Beast’s Will Sommer called the rumor a “baseless smear” in a piece published Friday.

Notice what just happened here. President Trump said that he had heard that Omar married her brother, but “knew nothing about it.”

Then immediately and without stopping to even consider any evidence, the media jumped into the fray to denounce Trump and prop up Omar. They assumed from the very beginning that the claim must be false without even considering the evidence.

They assumed from the very beginning that no evidence could possibly exist to back up the claim.

They were wrong.

First of all, no one can debunk the rumor that Omar married her brother. She can’t even prove the rumor false herself.

From The Washington Free Beacon:

The closest thing to evidence against the claim presented in Sommer’s piece is a reference to a time Omar showed a Star Tribune reporter pictures on her cell phone of immigration documents with a list of members of her family. Sommer’s piece fails to mention that Omar declined to provide copies of any of the documents to the reporter or allow him to make record of the information he was briefly allowed to view.

Omar didn’t respond to requests for comment from the Daily Beast. Her congressional office currently is alerting reporters through auto-reply that it’s not responding to press inquiries, including one from the Free Beacon, into whether any other outlets have been shown documents Omar purports to be evidence against the claim she married her brother.

That one time Omar allowed a reporter to view documents on a cell phone was also the extent of substantial evidence against the claim presented in the New York Times fact-check of Omar’s marriage. (The Times also uses faulty math to indicate, based on their dates of birth, that it’s impossible for Omar and Elmi to have the same mother. It’s not.)

PolitiFact, perhaps wisely, didn’t dive into the marriage question after Trump’s Wednesday remark, but rather went to the Star Tribune to ask about its attempts to gather facts needed to reach a conclusion. The Minnesota paper’s political editor told PolitiFact his interest in the marriage controversy began because his reporters “were not getting a lot of answers” from Omar on her incorrectly filed tax returns, in which she claimed to be married to her current husband, Ahmed Abdisalan Hirsi, when she in fact was not.

“My interest as an editor began with the silence she has maintained about her improper tax filings,” said editor Kevin Diaz. “She would say only that she had corrected the 2014 and 2015 tax filings and would not divulge anything about why she had filed taxes with a man she was not married to when she was separated but still married to someone else.”

After reviewing the dearth of evidence collected by those suggesting that Elmi was Omar’s brother, Diaz assigned two reporters to come to a conclusion.

“We felt as journalists, if there was smoke, it’s our job to look behind it to see if there’s fire,” Diaz said.

The paper’s biggest impediment to finding the truth was Omar, Diaz added.

“What’s really made it hard is that she’s been unwilling to address any of these questions,” Diaz wrote. “That has fueled the controversy.” ….

Second, the evidence is starting to pile up that the reason why Omar is unwilling to address the issue and why she can’t provide documentation is because the rumors are true.


America is Still Free to a Fault

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Here, Here, How Racist you are 🙀

Don't you know by the current DemocratImage result for donkey emoji standards ANY condemnation  or investigation of potential, or actual, wrong doing of ANY of the Four ladies (if you can call them that) "of Color" (even though they aren't actually African American) is racist?  Then again I guess I'm racist also for pointing out that they aren't African American either.  

Donald Trump can be investigated for totally made up accusations based upon paid political material  known as the Steel Dossier which was revealed, by the person who assembled it, to be false and incorrect.  When DemocratsImage result for donkey emoji couldn't prove there was a crime then they sought to convict Donald Trump of obstructing the investigation into a non-Crime even though the investigation nor the investigator were affected in any way.  Muller was never fired, never delayed or kept from doing his job.  Trump was condemned by most all the Mainstream media  for getting upset about the investigation even though he knew he was innocent yet the DemocratsImage result for donkey emoji were trying to overturn the 2016 election results and they along with "never Trump'ers" and some establishment (aka "The Swamp") Republicans.  I don't blame Trumpfor any normal American would fight tooth and nail if they knew they were being accused of something they didn't do by extremely deranged, Highly Biased, beside themselves individuals.who were intent on overturning a legitimate election victory.


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TRACE GALLAGHER, CORRESPONDENT: Tucker, "The Daily Mail" is reporting that Ilhan Omar is splitting with her current husband, Ahmed Hirsi. This would technically be her second divorce from Hirsi, but legally, it's the first. Stay with me here.

She religiously married Ahmed Hirsi in 2002, had two children, then religiously divorced him back in 2008. They got back to together in 2012, had another child, but didn't legally get married until last year.

When asked about the latest separation, Ahmed Hirsi her see said quote, "Wow, I can't comment on that. I'm sorry. I just can't say anything." Then of course there's the controversy surrounding her other marriage. In 2009, she legally and religiously married Ahmed Nur Said Elmi. Both PJ Media investigative reporter David Steinberg and Judicial Watch claim they have significant evidence to prove that Ahmed Nur Said Elmi is actually Ilhan Omar's brother and she married him as a sham to get him into the country.

Fox cannot confirm these reports, but we can confirm that Ilhan Omar was found to have violated campaign finance laws by filing a joint tax return with Ahmed Hirsi when she was still legally married to somebody else -- Tucker.

OK, I know there's a surprise somewhere in all this I just
haven't seen it yet.
I'm pretty sure most people are aware these anti America arabs
do Not consider America's laws apply to them, they have their
own laws they want Americans to follow.
They laugh themselves to sleep every night at how stupid and easy
our liberals make it for their invasion of different countries. 

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