Iran reports trade agreemwnt with Pakistan

Despite increasing tensions between Iran and the United States, an agreement has been reached between Iran and Pakistan for the exchange of Electric Power, with Iran agreeing to provide an additional 1000 megawatts of power to Pakistan.

Liaquat Ali Jatoi, Pakistan's Water and Electricity Minister expressed satisfaction with the agreement between the two "friendly" countries.
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Iranian and Pakistani sources have reported United States Sponsorship of Terrorism in Iran.
A terrorist organization operating in a lawless border region of Pakistan has been active in attacks in both Afghanistan and Iran. The Iranian attacks are claimed to be sponsored and directed by the CIA.
Iran Daily : ZAHEDAN, Sistan-Baluchestan, Feb. 17--A local official in this southeastern city confirmed the explosion of a sound bomb in this southeastern city late Friday, but said there were no casualties or damage.
The blast occurred Friday, just two days after 11 people were martyred and 31 others injured in a terrorist attack in Zahedan early Wednesday.
In Wednesday’s terrorist attack, saboteurs detonated a bomb inside a car parked along a road just as a bus belonging to Islamic Revolution’s Guard Corps passed by.
Speaking to IRNA, Zahedan Governor General Hassanali Nouri said, “Agents of world arrogant powers, worried and unhappy over the great number of people who attended the funeral on Friday of the 11 martyrs, all IRGC soldiers, of Wednesday’s terrorist act were behind this inhuman move.“
He noted that the armed militants, in their latest crime, exploded a sound bomb and escaped.
“Local police immediately surrounded the area following the explosion, chasing, identifying and arresting the militants,“ he added.
The terrorist agents fired at the security forces a short while after the police surrounded the scene of the crime, which was close to a residential complex. All its exit and entrance points were blocked, the governor general further said.
Following the explosion and clashes, electricity in the residential complex was cut, he said.

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