Iran: 'We Welcome War With the U.S.'

I fully believe had Obama NOT been in office that Israel would have already eliminated the Iran threat and erased their nuclear capability completely.  Problem is that Obama is no friend to Israel and actually signed an agreement or a side agreement to the Iran agreement, that says America would defend Iran against, specifically, Israel.  

Israel doesn't trust America, with Obama at the helm, and they are very smart not to.  Unfortunately by the time Obama is out of office even if Trump was to succeed him, Iran would be well advanced toward obtaining Nuclear capability and when they achieve it you can be assured that the time is started for when one of their products makes it way onto American soil, by terrorist. 

In short Obama, and the Democrats and all those who supported him, have insured that Iran will obtain nuclear capability.   That being the case they will have insured that one day in the distant future America will suffer an attack account of the very concessions and agreement that Obama signed.  That's my opinion but I believe it's well based.

jtdavis posted:

LOL! Yes, jt saying someone else isn't very smart is funny.

I don't have to say or post a word about not smart, I just let the readers see what y'all post. That explains it to them.

But you did post about "not smart". Maybe someone should explain something to you. You're at a loss. Did obama give 400 million to iran, yes or no?

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