Even though I'm a Bama fan, I'm guessing Auburn will beat us again. I don't think Shula has beat the Tigers yet and I don't see it happening this year. I'm hoping Georgia may have softened up Auburn enough for us to upset, but who knows.
when it comes to this game, throw the records out the window. i'd like to see the tide roll, but i think the tigers, getting humiliated by georgia, now have the edge.
Originally posted by lorismith:
EekerWho really cares?

apparently about 93,000 that will be there Saturday and another million or so watching on tv
Coach Shula has taken over a program that was in ruins. Franchonie did not reruit a O-line. The 2006 team is paying the price for the past.

Did you know that coach Shula is the frist and only coach since Coach Stallings to take Alabama to 3 consecutive bowl games?

Alabama 17
Auburn 14

Take it to the Bank!
I predict that during the game I will be enjoying my one and only annual trip to WalMart. There is no better time to go. Go GEORGIA!!
I am a 1994 Auburn grad.....

If Auburn plays like they did in the 2nd half of the FlorIDAh game (I witnessed that one personally), bammer will get killed.

If Auburn forgets to show up like they did during the Arky Hogg game or the UGay game (someone forgot to wake them up), bammer will kill Auburn.

Really, no clue. You are a fool to bet or even speculate on this game. It rides on pure emotion. And, I have witnessed in person 5 Iron Bowls......Of course, I hope Auburn wins. Just I have no clue how it will turn out.
Everyone wants to speculate who will win. This is a game that is based, like Brentenman mentioned, on pure emotion. I am an Auburn fan (WAR EAGLE) all the way...... But, this should be an interesting game and we just hope that we come out on top.
Awwww....Barn......or really Alabama Polytech.....certainly has the edge but as much as I would like to see an Alabama win, it's just to close to call. Roll Tide Roll

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