Am I the only one who finds it comical that the Times Daily has the lead article on the front page where they intend to "appeal" the ruling by the local judge who told them they were not privy to documents that were reviewed by the BoD of CHG in relation to the sale of that entity, while at the same time they print a story about the Colbert County commissioners on the Region section, and follow it through on the final page of that section with a quote by one of the commissioners who says that they feel the Keller Board can make decisions in regard to any future dealing for Keller Hospital?

Why is it that the Colbert County commissioners can decide that the Keller Board can make decisions and the TD never questions these actions, but the Coffee board is incapable of making a decision without review of documents by the TD? Is it perhaps that there is bias on the part of the TD? Perhaps they favor one group over the other? Why does the sale of Coffee Health Group and the proposed building of the new hospital bother the TD? Is it because their main office is in Decatur and their interests there feel threatened? Why did their sister paper print an anti-ECM/RegionalCare editorial in the local Decatur paper last week?
There is no secret that the TD is showing favoritism in its dealings with the two local hospitals. They are not considering what is best for the community and are trying to drive an even bigger wedge between the local communties. The people of Florence and Lauderdale counties should be furious over these actions.

Hillary in 2016?  Why not?  We've already had one "girly man" serving in office for the past 7 years, we might as well give her chance as well!

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I was optimistic with the changing hands of the paper last year, but they have not shown any desire to change their ways.
I did not want to comment on the thread about Denton vs. the Baptists, but this is another example of them taking something and turning into a story to incite the masses.
So in essence, Jug, Amen.

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