That is the Huntsville location.

It's located on the North Parkway (that's the Northbound Parkway, folks, in which case, it'd be on your RIGHT) in the former Sam's building at Mastin Lake Road.

I went visiting yesterday, i.e. I was out of town for professional purposes, and stopped by there on the way back home.

FYI, I didn't spend any money there.

Just took the pic.


But I DID spend money at Tractor Supply (located adjacent, within eyesight -across the parking lot- on the south side)!

I bought 50lbs Purina brand HiPro dog food.

And, I bought some chocolate-covered macadamia nut candies, Kalamata Olive tampenade, Tricuits© crackers, Champagne brand poppy seed vegetarian crackers at the Big Lots next door.

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