Islamic doctrine of ‘taqiyya’

To look at all this from a different angle, back when he was first running for office one freshly minted (with his bought-and-paid-for and much more marketable name) ‘Barack Hussein Obama’ was pumping the crowd with how he would build a wall at our southern border and demand a tighter rein on immigration control. This is the same guy who would later, with the same flashy smile, recite the “America builds bridges - not walls” LIE in order to use the needy, voting bodies of mostly nomadic parasites to help tear apart the machinery of Constitutional America. It is all a bunch of words - again, often falsehoods - for the sake of bucks or ballots. Period.

Most all of my good readers are familiar with the islamic doctrine of ‘taqiyya’ (pronounced like ‘tequila’ - only with no ‘L’). Basically it permits Muslims to lie in order to gain the upper hand over an enemy - and all non-Muslims are the “enemy” to all Muslims who know what they believe. So, you see, when Muslims are talking to non-Muslims, they don’t owe them any sort of integrity or reliability. If you are working for Allah you have carte blanche with your deception/falsehoods in taking down the enemy (any unbeliever) for the cause of islam. If you might be a Muslim, but have never heard of that - that is not unusual - go look it up. It is Allah-ordained deception! Bottom line! But I have to add that lying certainly isn’t exclusive to islam; it has become an international pastime, maybe even qualifying as an Olympic sport.



The stupidity of liberals, ability to ignore their ignorance

and to Destroy what gives them freedom


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Islam is labeled a religion by those who hide behind that category
as a front in which to carry out it's affront to the world without
political accusations. It's allowed the cult to act in any and all inhuman
ways toward the remaining citizens...
Actually it's no different than the way Organized crime builds it's
hide behind shields.
Dr. John posted:

Still trying to figure out what the author of this wonderful work thinks Obama's real name is. You know there was a birth announcement in the Hawaii papers when he was born?

Did you read the posted comment, where Hussein Barack Obama is named? 

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