It's 6 degrees and Comcast/Xfinity internet is down

I received a call from my daughter, last night, during the Alabama - Clemson game asking what could be wrong with their cable service.  I don't have Comcast/Xfinity except for my internet provider and this morning my internet service went down.  I'm posting this using my personal Hot Spot through my cell phone.  

That said people are going to experience outages with Comcast and other wired services when it gets this cold due to line breakages.  Also if there is a bad connection often times it will not become evident until the extreme cold weather causes the conductors to contract and separate.  

So hopefully everyone will have their internet and the outage will be more local than wide scale, affecting many more people.  I hope everyone has a Happy New Year but it sure is starting out Cold and for myself, and my family, it started out with us being ill.  We have been fighting a bout of the flu even though I received a flu shot earlier on.  Best of luck to all and hopefully we all can get through this cold spell without any damage to pipes or other things other than some minor outages from time to time.  Remember the pets and try to make sure they have a warm place to lay down and get out of the extremely cold weather.

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I've actually had good luck with Comcast and before that I didn't have too bad of service with AT&T but I have heard of others who have had horrible service with AT&T.  Here is the crazy thing.  Remember when the Government broke up AT&T because they said they were too big and then broke them up into baby bells only now to have AT&T control all they had before and even more and they are bigger than ever now.  

As for my cable/Internet problems I called the Comcast number and did a modem reset or had a modem reset signal sent and that corrected my problem.

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