He's great! Did you see that game?? Why does Brody Quinn get so much press and Russell gets almost none?

Why do people persist in pretending that Notre Dame is anything special?
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jamarcus russell didnt even have bama on his list and he actually committed to auburn but found out he could play earlier at lsu and the rest is history, whoever gets him in the pros (the raiders probably) is gonna be set
I was not aware of Russell until I saw the Sugar Bowl. He's so much fun to watch. It really makes the game exciting when there's always the possibility of an 80 yard pass.

First the Boise State game, which had EVERYTHING including a marriage proposal by the star football player to the head cheerleader. Then, the Sugar Bowl with JaMarcus Russell putting on a clinic for Notre Dame. And Terry Bradshaw's commentary was a bonus. He was so enamored with Russell, I thought we might also get a marriage proposal at the end of the Sugar Bowl game!

This is the most fun I've had watch football in a long time.

Nick who????
He just announced that he was going to enter the NFL draft...thank God the Tide will not have to face him again.....He will probably be the first pick in the first round.

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