Judge: Wedding Cakes are Work of Art,

peede coober 2 posted:

I was at a wedding this fall where they had a doughnut "cake" . A tier of different flavored doughnuts. It was cool and different. 

If I was forced to bake a cake for something I didn't believe in I think I would close my shop for the time being.


We are Closed for Vacation...... Not sure when we are Reopening.... Maybe when we get ready to go back to work...... Now, When Did You Say You Need a Wedding Cake???? 

Naio posted:
Kraven posted:
Naio would tell you he didn't have a logical followup question 
in mind. You're making Lucy look stupid and ugly.

Stay in your lane.......

That's the best you could do?

The Kraven Raven is spot on and also taking you back to playing
the "That's the best you could do?" card. Better luck with the ole
stand by, rubber/glue crap...


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