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Conservative legal experts in Washington, D.C. are buzzing over the rumor that Justice Anthony Kennedy may be retiring soon.

Insiders say his resignation from the Supreme Court could come as soon as Monday, June 26th — and the prospect of President Donald Trump getting a second nominee for the Supreme Court has liberals across the country in hysterics.



OK,,, now they'll really go wild.............



The stupidity of liberals, ability to ignore their ignorance

and to Destroy what gives them freedom


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Even if this does come to be it will not be as devastating to them as if it was Ginsburg that left for Kennedy is more Conservative and would only be replaced with someone similar in philosophy.  Still though, as many have said, anything Trump does will be objected to, no matter what it is.   

The real thing to wonder about is if Obama or Hillary or any of the Democrats ever stop to realize that the fault of Trump being there is of their own making or will they remain in denial and justify it away by blaming the Russians or dumb, unintelligent voters or any of any other myriad of reasons.

direstraits posted:

I sincerely wish Justice Kennedy a great retirement and a long life afterwards.  Same to any liberal Justices that desire to do so.  See, a conservative may be magnanimous towards liberals. 

Thanks for the smile/grin!

If the Republicans really wanted to push liberals and Democrats completely over the edge and actually driving them insane all they would have to do is legislate that there would be three additional Justices needed on the Supreme Court changing it from Nine to Twelve.  Then send it to Trump to nominate the additional new Justices.  

The Constitution leaves it to Congress to determine how many Justices should be on the Supreme Court, originally there was Six Justices (1 Chief and 5 Associates).   Congress decides the number of Justices and the President nominates the Justices so if Congress added, say, two or three new Justices then Trump would be the one to Nominate them.  Since the Republicans control everything it's not beyond the possibility they could do just that.  

Can you imagine the cries and shouts coming from the Democrats and Liberals?

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