Leftists Force White Women to Close Burrito Stand

A Portland burrito eatery has shut down after the two white women who ran it were criticized for making food from a culture that wasn’t theirs.

The controversy began after the Willamette Week newspaper ran a standard restaurant profile on Kooks’ Burritos on May 16.

The two young owners, one with a tattoo of the iconic St. Johns Bridge on her arm, were pictured with burritos at their food cart.

The women said they learned burrito making tips while on a 2016 road trip to Puerto Nuevo, Mexico.

“Kali Wilgus and Liz ‘LC’ Connelly lost their minds over tortillas,” the story said.

Now the pair have lost their business as well.

Accused of “cultural appropriation,” the women have shut down their food cart after a barrage of criticism and bad reviews.

Critics opened up after one of the women said in the story, “We were peeking into the windows of every kitchen.”

It’s a Mexican tradition to place the “tortilla lady” at a street side window where her techniques can be observed. But, the story didn’t elaborate.

Commenters accused them of stealing recipes and techniques from Mexican women.

Mic.com ran a story titled, “These white cooks bragged about stealing recipes from Mexico to start a Portland business.”

Like the church lady who refuses to hand over her famed casserole recipe, the Mexican women were reluctant to give their secrets to the American women. That was a red flag for some.

Portland’s other alternative paper, The Portland Mercury, said the “predatory” women had “colonized” the food style.

Judging by the comments on the Willamette Week piece, one would think the Kooks women had stolen an everlasting gobstopper from Willy Wonka.

Then the predictable backlash to the backlash began. A reader asked if famed (and presumably white) Portland restauranteur Andy Ricker should shut down his Asian-themed Pok Pok restaurants.

Others said it was a heaping pile of political correctness with fries.

“While I think cultural appropriation largely exists, I don’t think it can be attributed to a (expletive) breakfast burrito stand,” one commenter said. “This episode of ‘Portlandia’ is getting way too real.”

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Human being have assimilated and mixed recipes and other things for thousands of years.  We'd have a miserable Italian cuisine, if these bigots were allowed to run free centuries ago. The Italian developed pasta on their own. That didn't come from China.  However, the spices came from the east and the tomato is a new world product.  

I read about other idiots complaining of American women wearing hoop earring and wearing wing shaped eye shadow as that was a brown woman's thang.  Hate to tell them, but I've seen hoop earrings in museums all over the world and that type of eye makeup on painting from Babylon to ancient Greece to Egypt -- worn by women and men (pharaohs and kings, mostly).

Of course, it happened in one of the left coast progressive enclaves that have divorced themselves from both most of the nation and reality. 

as with either party, there are extremists, this is extreme left bs. i'll say it. what the two ladies did was go on vacation in baja california and copy some recipes... every chef will tell you they copied recipes, but they make them their own. these two ladies were open for a few months and the 'backlash' is over them telling their story in a local publication, recently. i'll call it batspit crazy with everyone else. this is a case of extremism gone unchecked.

Bestworking posted:

More insanity from the left.  This has been reported by huffpo and Fox in addition to the Willamette Week in Portland. People need to start pushing back on this kind of crap.

Given the, almost daily, news regarding actions, statements, and interviews with people on the left, liberals, I personally feel that a great many of them are, indeed, insane on some level.  There is some, actual, mental deficiency there and a few, I have no doubts, would be or could be dangerous.  

These are people that would gladly sacrifice our freedoms if it meant they could enslave their political opponents and suppress conservatives and Republicans.  Now I'm not saying that all Democrats or leftist or even liberals are insane but I fear, and suspect, a far greater number of liberals are, to some degree, insane.  I also don't deny that there are a number of Conservatives and those on the right that could also be described as insane or have some mentally deficient problem but I honestly feel there is a far greater percentage of those on the liberal left than there are on the conservative right.  

You didn't see near that reactions from the Right after Obama was elected (and re-elected) then what you are seeing now.  A great many of those who are so vocal are actually spewing pure hatred, their oozing in it, and very often prove that they know very little about Trump or even what he's actually said or done.  They are instead taking their information and clues from innuendo, rumors, and speculation (same sources as many in the media are basing (fake)news stories on. 

Kathy Griffin is but only the latest, excellent, example of a liberal leftist who left the reservation long ago and is so obsessed and possessed with extreme hatred, seething hatred, that she/they cannot determine rational from the irrational.  There is so much hypocrisy in the left that it's immeasurable yet it's on display so often that they, themselves, cannot seem to see or visualize it.   Had Sean Hannity or Rush Limbaugh or any other conservative commentator made such statements or done 1/10th of what Griffin did or has said they would have been forced to quit their jobs and would have been condemned to retirement or been permanently silenced.  Yet Kathy Griffin,  even after what she did, her, less than, half hearted apology, garnered many who seemed to support her actions and gladly seemed to justify what she did.  These same people would have been the first, on the bandwagon, to banish any conservative who even said a harsh word against, former, President Obama.  They tried their best to get Rush, off the air, for daring to say he wished Obama would fail when what he meant was he wished Obama would fail at implementing policies that would alter the America he knew and loved.  

Kathy Griffin has revealed herself as the typical liberal who does something totally wrong or insane yet (actually) believes that she/they are the victim and the innocent one.  That they should be the one that should be protected and felt sorry for.  She acts as if Trump attacked her and that she should be the one protected and felt sorry for.  This is sadly typical of many not he left and liberals who still can't accept that Trump was elected and that their chosen blessed Hillary lost.  Kathy Griffin is one of those who I believe could be mentally ill to some degree and is one of the most immoral people I have ever seen Hollywood produce.  To listen to her (if you can stand it) is to observe a person who is so seething in hatred that it cannot help but come out in anything that she says.  She should lose her jobs and future over this for there is no remorse, what so ever, in her for what she did.  She, I have no doubt, would be happy if something horrible happened to the President, or any conservative or Republican for that matter.  They (liberals) on one hand criticize the Right and many on the right for doing exactly what they do only there is no evidence, proof, or occurrence of what they allege that those on the Right do.  Their accusations are baseless and warrantless yet they speak and act as if the accusations are undeniable and fact.  They are not only acting and speaking hypocritical but their very existence and lives becomes the very essence of hypocrisy to the point that it becomes the normal for them.

I wish I could say they were the minority but I fear that there are a much larger percentage of them than anyone really knows or believes there are.  The fact that so many prominent celebrities came to Kathy Griffin's defense and offered reasons that we should accept what she did as "normal" or reasonable, this coming from people who often are roll models for young people who watch their movies or their entertainment, is sobering and scary.  Again the hypocrisy is immeasurable because anyone who doubts that these very people (that are taking up for Griffin) would be the first to call for the job of anyone that demeans, former, President Obama or any other Democratic leader, even failed Candidate, Hillary Clinton, is just delusional.  

Aside, from the sentiments in my last post in this thread, which deviated from the general thought of this thread's topic, I will say that, my impression mind you, the only approved and sanctioned discrimination, bias, prejudice, that is , tolerated, sanctioned, and even (sadly) celebrated is that against white Americans.  It comes from  (my own opinion) actual bias and hatred from those, anyone, that would approve or sanction such.   

It is RACISM but an approved and sanctioned, legal, racism.

jtdavis posted:

The ones that caused it had too much time on their hands. I do not like for people to lose their jobs.

Calling the act of vicious a*******, that causes people to lose their livelihood, "mischief" shows just how clueless and out of touch you are. It proves that you are uncaring about people being bullied by the loony left.  Typical lefty attitude. These lefty bullies are the ones that need their azzes kicked and run out of the country.

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