a little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing, as shown by to  many letters to the editor.   Sad that TD choices to publish them.    people now days tend to read only the headlines and not the real story.  Headlines are misleading  most the time to get someone to read.   

here is an example of someone believing what media pushes,,, yum the kool aid.  .https://www.timesdaily.com/opi...32-b19dedba9a49.html


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Naio posted:

Are you two going to refute anything in the letter?

What is there to refute?  A partial non-inclusive list would be:

  • He also seems to think that people of a different color, especially if their names seem strange, are foreigners and should “go back to where they came from”. (Totally false and inaccurate depiction of what the President was actually saying.  The President was speaking about people who lambast the Nation, the Country, talk bad about the United States and running it down.  The President didn't name one name or mention any Color or nationality or race of anyone but rather targeted "those that run down the country" show go back and straighten out the nations that they seem to feel are better then come back and tell us how it's done", It was a long way of saying love it or leave it)
  • Donald Trump is a man who brags about sexually abusing women
  • who lies openly on a daily basis. (this harks back to the gotcha October Surprise that the Democrats and the Media together tried to spring on Trump to defeat him in the 2016 election when he was talking to an entertainment person commenting on how people of power or influence or a celebrity could get away doing things that other people couldn't and yes he referenced touching women but he was not bragging about sexually abusing women but rather bragging about how some women allow that to happen because of who it is that is doing it to them.  The comment was as much about the type of women that allow it to happen as it was about the person that they allowed to do it.  He never was bragging about himself being an abuser.  Either way it was distasteful and rude but people didn't elect Trump for his morals and didn't elect him to be a model Christian but elected him to right the ship, to bring America Back and restore the economy, something he's done very well and elected him because of his business background.  What people can't stand is he did it and not a Democrat and that he made Obama look so bad by accomplishing much of what he has by simply reversing what Obama had done).
  • He is a man who uses hatred and vitriol to strengthen his political base. (totally wrong and inaccurate again and a FALSE Judgment of the man strictly because of the "hatred and vitriol" that those who dislike Donald Trump have because of who he is and his successes.  The statement about using hatred and vitriol to strengthen the political base is a 100% dead on accurate description of most, if not all, of the 2020 Democratic Candidates who are solely campaigning  on anti Trump rhetoric and lies.  Just like their refusal to admit that Trump was talking about people on both sides of the historical monument debate rather than saying there was good people on the White Nationalist side.  This is another total inaccurate used of Trump's words, a deliberate lie to a attempt to politically gain from it.)
  • I would very much like to see a letter which protests our non-Christian, lying criminal in the White House! (A totally biased false judgment of someone based not in fact but in the person who stated it's own bias and judgmental nature.  for one Trump should not be judged non-christian by anyone nor should anyone else.  IF though you are making decisions about the morality of a person then I'll take lying over killing of innocents any day not to mention the other totally immoral positions that most if not all the Democrats have in their party platform.  As far as "criminal" is concerned there is NO EVIDENCE what so ever produced that Trump is a Criminal or broke any laws.  2 years + of investigation by a total group of Trump hating, biased, democratic donating investigators produced zero evidence of Trump's guilt in anything.  The ONLY thing that they now want to charge the man with is his wanting to remove the lead investigator.  Never mind that he didn't do it he's to be prosecuted because he wanted to remove a man that hired only investigators who were political enemies and people that tried to establish a coup to remove the legally elected President.  

The whole argument and article is a farce and biased diatribe.

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