Lidl – New German Discount Grocer has Landed in US:



I thought I would do a follow up on Lidl Grand Openings in 3 states with 10 new Grocer outlets for Bargain hunters here in US. The new store openings - located in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia.

To offset Lidl’s Grand entrance Hoopla into the USA…. If you thought Kroger was just going to idly sit by and let another foreign grocery chain move in and take its customers, you would be mistaken. (Shoals area residents need not worry of Kroger closing in our area, Unionism activity took care of Kroger here, back in 1970s and  is Why Kroger never opened another Store in NW Alabama.)

In the recent lawsuitKroger claims that Lidl's private-label brand called "Preferred Selection" too closely resembles Kroger's own house brand “Private Selection” they’ve been using for 20 years.

** Ruling Just released: Kroger lost this round of copyright brand infringements “Look Alike”

Below is a site which shows  snapshots of how Lidl stores are laid out. Similar to an old marketing approach, “Stack’em High & Price’em Low”, common theme amongst Discounters & Club Stores.

As Lidl & Aldi’s continue to expand its presence in USA. I foresee Huge Grocer Price Wars occurring to Keep their Customer Base Faithful “Happy” in the coming years. As expected, Price conscience shoppers seem to be the target market for both Lidl & Aldi.

Here’s a look at the Virginia Beach Lidl Grand Opening:

Is Competition Good for America, even if it Foreign Companies? Kinda puts you between a Rock & the Hard Spot if you are a Bargain Shopper or young and have limited money. Thank Goodness you can choose your preference in a Free Enterprise Market. Making competition, a Consumers Paradise.


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I never heard of them either until last May/June. They compete with Aldi in the European market. And yes, they are Real Germans, I've Wondered if they give "Preferential Treatment" to Muzzys to manage their stores, only because they are Muzzys and not really "Best Qualified", like here in the US. (As the way Obama gave a lot of government Jobs to Muzzys, because they were Muzzys)

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