Nice picture.

Several years ago Signals (a catalog associated with public TV, I believe) offered prints of the first pictures of lightning ever taken. They were b&w and quite neat. My wife never got the hint that I wanted them for a b-day present.

I'd be interested in knowing a little more about your camera and settings and such.
Thanks everyone for the kind comments !! I usually keep my Sony Cybershot digi cam in the car with me most of the time because you never know what will happen that will be worthy of taking pics. I was leaving work the night of the approaching storms and I had noticed that the lightning was striking in the distance and I thought this would be a good time to try to take some pics. So I pulled over into a parking lot and faced the west towards the storm. I keep a little travel tripod as well, so I set the settings to manual ( f-stop on 5.6 and the shutter at 15 sec. exposure) and I just randomly took 15 to 20 sec. eposure shots and hoping that lightning would strike within the frame and out of about 10 -15 tries... the end result is what you see. I would like to do this more often and try the black and white as well. This pic has not been altered in any way.. just straight off the card and on to here. I think it is supposed to storm some next Tuesday, so I'll be out there again...
Thanks for the info.

As much as I like having electricity in my house, I generally end up cussing the electric company any time I try to take "nature" photos. I have some pictures that would be so much better without the wires in the way.

This photo is an example where I would really be cussing, though a pretty great picture might be cropped out of the bottom part.

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