And, as Rush Limbaugh pointed out during his Wednesday show, it’s not as if Barack Obama emerged from the whole mess blameless.

Limbaugh began by reading a Yahoo News story from June 20: “Obama cyber chief confirms ‘stand down’ order against Russian cyberattacks in summer 2016 — The Obama White House’s chief cyber official testified Wednesday that proposals he was developing to counter Russia’s attack on the U.S. presidential election were put on a ‘back burner’ after he was ordered to ‘stand down’ his efforts in the summer of 2016.”

Here’s a video of the testimony:

“This is the Obama administration,” Limbaugh said on his program. “They knew the Russians were hacking. They knew Russians were engaging in cyber warfare, and the Obama White House chief cyber official testified that he was told to stand down. So Obama didn’t do anything about the Russians! Obama was telling everybody the Russians could not hack the presidential election. Obama was telling people that it was too massive and widespread and intricate, it couldn’t be done.”

And sharing the blame with Obama, in Limbaugh’s eyes, are the former president’s frequent co-conspirators, the Fourth Estate.

“The point is: Where was the media?” Limbaugh said. “Where was the media all hopped up about what Putin was doing in 2016, what the Russians were doing? Obama was telling everybody, ‘Stand down. No big deal! Don’t worry about it.’ What did Obama know that we didn’t know? Why did Obama want his own administration to stand down and not do anything? Could we maybe use the word ‘treasonous’? That Obama was willing to stand down and stand aside and let the Russians continue meddling and tampering and whatever?

“All of this that we’re talking about happened before Trump was even president. All of this happened before Trump — in many cases — even became a candidate,” he noted. “Somehow, all of this is Donald Trump’s fault, not standing up to the Russians. Here are two left-wing socialist reporters, David Corn and Michael Isikoff, writing that Obama told his cyber security people to ‘stand down’ in the face of Russian cyberattacks in 2016.

“Now, what can we infer from this? Did Obama think that the Russians were going to try to help Hillary and hurt Trump and so he wanted everybody to stand aside and let that happen?” Limbaugh asked. “Did Obama think that what the Russians were gonna do was somehow gonna benefit the Democrats and so the objective was to stand aside and let it happen? Where was all the outrage back then? Where was all the outrage when Trump was just a candidate and Obama is the president and he’s telling (Russian President) Dmitry Medvedev, ‘You tell Vlad to be patient.’

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