Little Ice Age coming

"At around 2040-2050 we will be in a new major Solar Minimum. It is to be expected that we will then have a new “Little Ice Age” over the Arctic and NW Europe. The past Solar Minima were linked to a general speeding-up of the Earth’s rate of rotation. This affected the surface currents and southward penetration of Arctic water in the North Atlantic causing “Little Ice Ages” over northwestern Europe and the Arctic."

Source- http://www.eike-klima-energie....l_3_11_Paper_534.pdf


Climate doesn’t kill people, weather does.

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Yes, sun spots cause increased UV emissions, which increase the heat from the sun (actually beats back cosmic rays).  The maunder minimum will continue thru 2020, at least. Look for poor wine production in Germany and north France. Also, New York. 


In their desperation, the warmists are putting the blame on pollution from China for the reason the Earth's temperature hasn't increase over the last decade.


In short, more beer production in Germany and less wine.  Don't throw away the overcoats!

Now see there, those carbon credits Al sold me finally kicked in.  I knew it would take a little time but hey a good investment is something you hang with right?  Where can I now purchase ICE credits, or should I just "sell short" on some more Carbon Credits?  Please Al tell me, where do I send my money now and what do I buy?  Please share your wisdom.

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