Long John Silvers, I believe, sold out to new owners (Corporation, not just the local stores) and they changed the fish that was served in all the restaurants. The new owners, I believe, also owned A&W and many stores incorporate both into the same building. Again I don't know if that is true but I heard that a few years back.
I believe that many of the fast fish places used to use, primarily, Cod Fish from the North Atlantic. I also appreciate it when I have the selection to choose Groper or Flounder or even Haddock however anymore I think Pollock is about all you are given the chance to get for cost of the others are prohibitive. There is another relatively "cheap" fish with a simple name (maybe hokie) that is also being used a lot. I also believe that the Pollock, as in the McDonald's Fish sandwiches, actually come from one or two fishing vessels that fish the Alaskan waters and not only do they catch their fill in huge nets but on the vessel they have complete operations that cut and process the fish not wasting any part of the fish and also includes packaging of the processed fish leaving only the unloading of the boxes and cartons when the ship finally does dock. I can't remember the names of the vessels but I did see a program which highlighted them on either Discover, Science, or National Geographic channels.
Long John Silver went out of business in Muscle Shoals upteen years ago...If you don't keep your food quality up...things tend to head in that direction...LJS Franchise Management did not have very strict guidelines, thus each time they allowed a LJS store to continually put out a less than favorable product, it also hurt the entire franchise name, as everyone connected one store experience with the others they pass by for their competitors...
I would say most are coming from the Northeast area of the USA...These are cold water fish...

Hokie comes from the New Zealand Area

Pollock is found north of North Carolina and in the New England area all the way to Alaska..

Cod is found in the Pacific, Atlantic and Greenland areas where the water are extremely cold.It is now endangered due to over fishing...the popularity of its taste has been its down fall...

Haddock is abundant off the coast of Maine...

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