I thought I should share this with the political news readers. http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/20...2007010701144_2.html
This is a problem with the Homeland Security Law that is putting people from Southeast Asia, Central America, and possibly Iraq at risk for their lives.
As I understand it, evidence that a refugee provided material support for "Terrorists" is reason to deport them. In one case, a man who fought alongside US troops in Vietnam also participated in opposition actions in Cambodia, seperate from the USA, and with a group NOW labled terrorists. He may be deported, and if he returns to Cambodia, executed. SOME GREAT WAY TO SAY THANKS FOR THE HELP FELLA.
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In other posts, we discussed the Russians we forced to repatriate in WWII, even knowing they would die. Not individual cases, but thousands at a time.

I have heard over and over "we cannot be the world's police", it is more true that we cannot take in all of the people from bad countries. just look at how many Haitians we have trying to come.

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