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I hope someone has the entire video. I am wondering why the cops are after the man.


Authorities in Los Angeles are looking for a suspect who they say was captured on video Saturday brutally punching two women at a hot dog stand.

The LAPD said the incident occurred in Downtown Los Angeles.

“Someone knows him, and we would like to be one of those people,” read a tweet by LAPD on Tuesday along with a video clip.

Los Angeles’ Fox 11 reported that the two female victims had overheard the suspect arguing with a vendor about a $6 hot dog and stepped in to defuse the situation. The suspect is seen in the video surrounded by onlookers and flees the scene after the alleged punches.

Kamala believes Tara Reade.


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sad,, most the viral vids don't show the whole pic.   What little we saw it might appear the women were attacking him.  although I don't think a man should hit a woman.  At what point should he defend himself?   Women as many politicians argue want equal rights.   So if they scream at a man,, push him should he fight back?  It doesn't look like he gave them a beat down, just one punch as they came at him.   

One local news outlet says the women engaged the man when he was arguing with two vendors, cursing and berating him. Then one jumped on his back while the other one punched at him. Supposedly CBS has a witness that too said the women started it. Why can't he punch them if they put hands on him first?

A witness named Stewart told CBSLA, “There’s two sides to every story, and those women started that” by calling the man offensive names. 

“And they started punching on him first,” Stewart told CBSLA. “And once they punched on him first, they’re jumping on his back, then he defended himself by, you know, counter-punching these women and things like that. So the video caught only the second glimpse of the story.” 

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