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 1.I don't know that she used the word property, but she rode your coattails everytime she posted agreeing with you about my plot of property that neither of you would seem to believe exist.. 2. You thought I was going to a doctor for my memory? No, that's another of you distorted thoughts. You can call BS on my story all you want and prove just how opinionated and wrong you are.

Your words genius.

My words? LOL! Oh no, old jt has had himself another bout of amnesia!! Did I "hack" it jt?

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Crash.Override posted:

when you agree with another poster.. and continue the same actions... you get called out on your BS... i quoted the 'claim'... did you not see it or just don't want to see it?  you seem to have a problem, like best, and don't have any tolerance for a voice that doesn't agree with your own.  i have a problem with people who chose to 'bully' others. be it in person or online. even if you don't see it, it makes it no less true. got that?  GOOD. 

Yes, I want to see the claim. I have no problem with disagreement, I have a problem with your lies about what I posted. You call me a bully when you, you, a thick headed fool, have been all over the forum calling others all sorts of names and lying about us? Jt is a grown man that comes onto a public site to post what is mostly lies and garbage. I see you are the same, wanting to bully and harass anyone that dares to tell the truth about you. But then again, that is the DEMOSLOPS (I like that word, it applies) way. I want to see too, where anyone has ever bullied Jt. Responding to his garbage is not bullying.

how many times have you addressed ANYONE, on these forums, with a differing opinion, with ANYTHING but a derogatory name/term?  here's a hint. 'demoslops' turned up ten results dating back to march... i'm glad you like the term...

i'm guessing jt is a skilled laborer from one of our local unions... while grammar/spelling or posting on an internet forum may not play to his strong suits, i'm gonna say you probably wouldn't fare too well in his world either!  jt obviously paid into the federal and alabama state's system as well as owning property here, in bama. what more does he need to do to care about his once if be it temporary home?  what right do you have to question 'why he cares what happens in alabama?'

here's a 'golden rule' for all you good conservatives... "treat others as you wish to be treated".  now, again i ask... "by denigrating jt at every chance, what do you think you're gaining? "

i'm guessing jt is a skilled laborer from one of our local unions...

You would be guessing right. Give me a welding rod or a wrench and I will challenge a lot of people. I'll get beat some, but I'll win more than I will lose. I also know that when you have a problem to solve, you want the most differing opinions that you can get and don't wave any of them off until you thought about them. There is some on this forum that can't accept any opinions different from their own. They are probably the most insecure. The ability to hide behind a fake identity and lambast others gives them a sense of power.  I was naive enough to not hide my name, I am JT in real life. You know, the KKK hid behind sheets to hide their identity, are these fake names the same as the sheets. Oh well, I'm off my stump and I'm gonna keep posting my opinions. If any of you don't like them, blow me out, I'm through answering personal attacks. No more of it.

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