Making sense of the Scalia conspiracy theory

The next morning, the Drudge Report pointed out that the judge was found with a pillow over his head, presumably providing additional evidence of foul play. Conservative political commentator Michael Savage also weighed in, wondering “Is it a conspiracy theory to ask questions that are so obviously in need of answer, or is it just common sense?”


Obarrie thought he would get a third SC member with the
murder of Scalia, what Scalia got was Karma.....


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The last paragraph from the linked article:

"Taken as a whole, research suggests that even thoughtful individuals with good intentions – including Ritchie – are prone to embrace claims for which there is little evidence, and to defend those claims in the face of contradictory evidence. This is particularly likely when stakes are high, when outcomes are hard to explain or accept, or when a claim is consistent with one’s political values. The evidence suggests that Richtie’s speculations are wrong, but there is nothing surprising about his suspicions."


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