Now that the Donut Shop, in Muscle Shoals has announced that they are closing and allowing the building to be torn down to make way for a Duncan Donuts shop folks are scrambling to get the Donut Shop donuts while they can.   Usually the Donut Shop would close around 2 PM or so each day and would usually have several selections of donuts left at closing but since their closing announcement it’s common now to find that they are sold out of product completely by 11AM and the only sure way to insure that you get what you want is to pre-order it for the coming day.  

I, and many others, are going to greatly miss the Donut Shop and I doubt that Duncan Dougnuts will come anywhere close so like many I keep hoping that somehow the Florence Mayor will be able to talk them into coming to Florence and opening a store up there after they actually close the Muscle Shoals location/store.

If you want to get some Donut Shop donuts before they are totally gone then take caution to go early and beat the crowd that seems to accumulate each day as folks try and get their fix in before it closes for good.

Be as the Bereans ( Acts 17:11 )

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Over here we have a 'Donut Box,' a family of Vietnamese, best I've
ever had in their entire assortment including breakfast biscuits with
sausage and stuff. 
Named their place 'City Donuts.' They didn't realize their trouble
with pronouncing the word, city. Translated to crappy donuts.
Funny at the time.    

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