Jack Hammer posted:



I have to admit, felt good to see the beat down.

Surprise! No idea what led up to it? Yep...if you're going to spit on someone you better start running afterwards. Did the guy rob him after he knocked him out? It looked like it....or did the guy rob the passenger as the door closed?

Don't know, what I do know is spit face was a size XXL and the dopey 
spit wad was way too small to hang around. The Republican was the
last man standing.
You aren't suppose to open those doors, when he did I'd have jumped a tall
building in a single bound. Dopey might have stole XXL'S cell and got that
back, he was doing something then got his bag and walked on.
I think spit wad is now encircled in yellow tape, pictures clicking, children
laughing but no one saw nothing. There's a million stories in the naked city.

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