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Indeed! He did a great job! & I LOVE my T-shirt too!!
I had so much fun with everyone & am also happy that DeepFat graced us with his presence via web cam!!

We have shirts, now we need a clubhouse and secret password Cool
The shirts are great.

DF, it was great to see you!
I was so wanting to be there today .. after I fired my smoker grill up this morning .. I should not have did that .. and for me to drive all the way across that Big River , I may not have found my way back home ..So glad ya'll had a great time ..Truely a lot of good people . I did very much injoyed the frist meeting . Maybe I can make it to the next one. .. "Bama"
We had a blast! Thanks for the vid, Deep Fat! That, along with the black sheep shirts from Bald Guy, was the hit of the night.

Did anyone get the name of that handsome bald guy? Not that one! The other one! LOL (He paid me to say that)

It was so good to finally meet SC Chapmans! He was adorable. So tall. So handsome!

The guy in the apron was HAWT!!!!
Originally posted by DeepFat:
yeah, like Jerry Garcia is dead. Next thing you'll say is Elvis is dead, too.



...sugar magnolias, blossoms blooming....

NO NO! I didn't mean dead you crazy thing! You are not that old! I know this to be a fact! Wink
But sing it baby sing it!

Heads all empty and I don't care,
Saw my baby down by the river,
knew she'd have to come up soon for air.

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