Tomorrow (December 22) will be Marco's opening day and I'm glad to see another pizza restaurant open in the Shoals.  One of the most exciting things about the new Marco's Pizza Restaurant is that they offer the ability to eat in.  So many Pizza places are delivery and carryout only so it's nice to see a new one that you can order and eat inside the restaurant.  

I took some photos and will post those below.  This was a day that they invited the families of their employees to stop by to sample their Pizzas so they did have a couple of pizzas and some cheese sticks on a table out front.  The pizzas looked great with the cheese distribution appearing almost perfect and the Meat Pizza and an ample supply of toppings unlike some I've seen in the past where toppings were heavy in some places and absent in others.  

Another thing that was impressive is that the owner is going to be on site and active in the operation and running of the store.  Many times a restaurant is run by employees and a manager and the owner isn't anywhere to be seen but in this case, at Marco's, the owner will be active in making sure that things are up to the highest standards.  I did sample one pice of pizza while there, as I was offered the chance, and the taste was great and I can't wait till they open and I can get the whole pie.  I think Marco's will become a favorite of many folks in the Shoals and I hope they are very successful, as I think they will be.  

I will choose to insert a few of the photos in this post but if you look in the window below you can view all of the photos.  Please note that I am in no way connected with and/or related to the owner, Marco's Pizza, or any employee or family member of an employee but I like to take photos and post as much information about any new restaurant to the area as I want to see Florence and the Shoals area continue to increase in popularity and attract new businesses and I want to see each and every new business to prosper and be successful.  I think that Marco's will be successful for many reasons but it's a huge risk people take to open a new business but because of people like them not only does our community benefit but the employees and the families of the employees are helped so I hope the best for all new businesses.  



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Chose to order Delivery of Marco's pizza the other night and although it was a Cheese pizza it was a very good one.  The pizza was great and even though the delivery person missed the house a few times it still was hot and not soggy but crisp.   I used the online site to order from and it worked great as well.

The only complaint I have is the same one I have with other Pizza delivery places and that is the delivery charge that the chain puts on for a delivery when the fee goes to the store and not the driver.  I did tip the driver well but wonder the driver was to receive any of the delivery fee or why there is even a delivery fee associated with delivery orders.  Maybe there is a good reason and I'm just not catching it but does seem every store chooses to implement this delivery surcharge.

As for Marco's though I can enthusiastically recommend for anyone to try them as it was indeed a great pizza.  I haven't eaten inside Marco's yet but I'm glad they have that as a choice for patrons.

Marcos1I've had takeout, delivery, and now, today, ate in at Marco's Pizza and all have been great.  The only thing I have yet to try is their Sandwiches which will be another time but the Pizza's are great.  They also had a good lunch deal for during the week.  I did, also, have a chance to talk to the owner about the delivery area stopping short of some of the UNA dorms but he indicated that the traffic engineering (or lack of it) was responsible because they set delivery areas based on the time it will take them to get the product delivered and that it's almost impossible with all the traffic lights to make a reasonable delivery time downtown.  

He did indicate though that he is compensating, for verified UNA students and/or  faculty with a valid Student/Faculty ID, by giving a 25% discount off Marco's regular prices (not sale prices) as an incentive to come pick it up or eat it inside the restaurant.  

Also for those eating in I noticed that there was outlets by each table that allowed folks with computers to plug them in or iPhones/IPads they had USB jacks on the plug so the restaurant is set up for those who might want to bring their computer and spend some time there.

Marcos Lunch specialsPizza with Plug in background


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