McCain's ultimate finger in the face of Trump

John McCain has hated Trump from the start but many will give him a pass given Trump's reference to him in the campaign with the reference to veterans that don't get captured so you could just see McCain biding his time waiting for the chance to be the ultimate thorn in his side.  Problem is now Democrats will point to this and claim the Republicans will hold blame for not furling their campaign promise to eliminate Obamacare. 

Now while that is part true it should be noted not one single Democrat voted for repeal either but want to make political hey day at the Republicans expense.  So when Americans are holding someone guilty, next election they should also note that Democrats bear just as much responsibility as do these three Republicans.  Frankly I see this more as McCain's middle finger to the president's face.

When it comes down to it though it's just more evidence that most politicians mainly just career about themselves and not the Nation as a whole.

Be as the Bereans ( Acts 17:11 )
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he gave the finger to conservative voters. he was just elected so doesn't have to worry about votes for awhile. we asked for repeal, and he didn't give it to us.  it is time for the avg. commoner to run for office, utilize social media to gain support and get into congress, sending  a message to the rich elite running our country into the ground.

I believe the Democrats went against the Constitution when they ordered Americans that they had to buy healthcare INSURANCE.  We have a healthcare problem but until the government got involved we didn't have an insurance problem and now we have both.

With healthcare one problem is with the greatly fluctuating cost from one person to the next depending if that person has insurance.  Now that unaffordability has been extended to insurance thanks to Obama and the Democrats for their unconstitutional acts.  Then Chief Justice Roberts made it pass as constitutional when it obviously wasn't due to the power it put in the federal governments hands.  Now the Republicans are trying to make the same mistake and error. 

One thing Congress should do is have medical services providers post their prices for their services so patients don't have to wait for the invoice in order to know what it cost. Also have cost be uniform and not one price for one and two or three for others. 

Two wrongs don't make a right but that is what it appears the Republicans are in the process of doing.  Thanks to the Democrats though things are so grossly messed up that just to repeal it will bring pain to many and cost will still be enormous.

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