September 30
by Kathy Shaidle

9 Most Embarrassing Screw-ups.

#8: “Glenn Beck is an idiot — which we prove by posting error-filled screeds against him every day”

Glenn Beck has become an embarrassing obsession at Media Matters, which publishes daily attacks on the pundit which veer between laughably flimsy and downright libelous.

Kind of like our Media Matters "reporter" on this forum.

Media Matters has questioned Beck’s assertion that his mother committed suicide — then had the nerve to dub him “Misinformer of the Year.”
That was in January of this year. At the height of their anti-Beck fever, I was compelled to report: “Media Matters Mocks Glenn Beck’s Charts with a Chart About Glenn Beck’s Charts.”

One of my favorite developments saw Media Matters making fun of Glenn Beck’s “Red Phone to the White House” prop by setting up… oh, you read it:

Media Matters has just unveiled… it’s own Glenn Beck Phone! They want him to phone them if they say something inaccurate about him or something. Get it?! Yep, it took them three months to think of that idea.

As Mediate’s headline put it — anticipating my response and yours — yes, “this is real.”
And so very, very sad.

Media Matters’ twisted obsession with Beck backfires on them time and again, as their tirades reveal that these well-funded “experts” are ignorant of even the most basic facts about, well, the media.

For example, Media Matters posts almost daily tallies of how many advertisers Beck still has, in the wake of a (failed) “boycott” run by another gang of lefties (namely, Van Jones‘ old gang at Color of Change.)

As I was obliged to point out time and again, however, Beck’s TV show is carried on a cable network, which relies for its revenue, not on advertising, but on cable subscriptions. Fox News could run Glenn Beck commercial free, with only a negligible impact on its bottom line.
Yet legacy media progressives still rely on Media Matters as a “trusted source” — one that can’t even get their industry’s own business model right.

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