Megyn Kelly Hints at Dissatisfaction with Fox News,

Maybe Kelly doesn't really realize the dissatisfaction of millions of
Fox news viewers are having with her. I knew I was through with her
show during the debates.
Megyn Kelly Hints at Dissatisfaction with Fox News, Talks ‘Great Options’
in WaPo Interview

Fox News star anchor Megyn Kelly discussed her future at the network in a sprawling interview with the Washington Post’s Erik Wemple this week — but again declined to rule out a move to a new network as she said she has “great options” when her contract expires in the summer of 2017.

In a lengthy phone interview with Wemple, Kelly said she was “humbled” to have received interest from other television networks prior to the expiration of her contract. Reports during the past several weeks have claimed that CNN, ABC, and NBC have all expressed interest in signing the anchor.

“I don’t see myself as some television star, I see myself as a girl from Albany. So it’s a great business; it’s a dream job,” Kelly said. “And I’m very glad that I have chance to work here, whether it’s at Fox or another channel. Hard to get a job in TV news, so I haven’t lost sight of that.”

Still, Kelly said she is “dismayed” at media speculation surrounding her next move, and said she wouldn’t weigh in on reports of a potential network bidding war for her services, though she did say she had received a “generous offer” from her current boss, Lachlan Murdoch. The offer was previously reported to have been approximately $20 million per year.

 Wherever Kelly ends up, she says, her next deal is “all about greater balance.” The anchor added that her current work-life balance at Fox “is not good enough” and that she would like to see her children more, even as she acknowledged that the network “has always been good about working things like that out.”

She explained:

 I want to see my kids for dinner, I want to put them down at night, I want to see their soccer games after school. I want to get to know the parents who take their kids to some of these events, and not all the time. We all feel that to some extent, but my problem in my current role is I see them in the morning and . . . I take them to school but unless there’s a school event that I can attend, I might not see them at all for the rest of the day until they’re sleeping in their beds at night.

Kelly’s interview with Wemple comes just a few weeks after a source at Fox News told Breitbart News that employees within the network are “sick” of the ongoing drama surrounding the anchor.

 “Everybody in the building is sick of it. We absolutely can’t stand it anymore,” the source said. “Go. We don’t care. Leave. You want to be friends with Anderson Cooper and Don Lemon? Go to CNN. Have fun.”

Read Kelly’s full interview with Wemple here.

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As the most recent viewership numbers show, Kelly’s program indicates a decided downward shift from Bill O’Reilly’s lead-in program, and then, even more ****ing for Kelly, is how the ratings jump back up for the Sean Hannity program, even though Hannity should, given the later time slot, have the smaller audience.


She deserves it in my opinion


Megyn, more like Me canned, thought she could choose the next
republican candidate while taken down the ones she wanted out
of the race. She found out the debates weren't about her, it wasn't
her show where she wanted to show how powerful she could be
playing hard ball. She found out spitting in the face of the people
who clearly wanted to go with their own mind was like spitting
into the wind, and it she who was ran off the stage, not Donald.

Megyn has done well for herself, on the Fox News network, but I believe she has gotten a little bit of a big head thinking herself to be more indispensable than she most likely is.   I think she was expecting network after network to come fawning over her and starting a bidding war where she could run her salary upwards toward the 40's or 50 million area.   I think maybe the whole process has been a little demeaning to her and she has felt under appreciated.   

You can't blame a person for wanting to make the most they can and take advantage of when they are on fire and at their best.   Who is to say though that she is at that point right now in her career.  Could be that she's waiting to peak but then Fox is wanting to negotiate a contract that is favorable to them in that they expect her to peak well into her contract but then who can blame Fox news for trying to do all they can.

The problem for Fox news is when they were forced to get rid of Roger account of the harassment and sexual allegations.  That move cost them Greta's position as she threw down the gauntlet saying that if he left she would leave so unlike many of the people who stated they would leave (the country) if Trump was elected, she did leave and make good on her word.   OReilly is another that stated that he would leave if Roger was made to leave and looks like he, too, may make good on that promise under the guise of doing other things or semi-retirement saying that he's done all he can do in and with The Factor. 

Fox News certainly has some issues to work out but in releasing Roger I think they made the move they had to make and while there are other changes as long as Fox remains opposed to CNN, CBS, NBC, MSNBC and all the other in the tank biased liberal networks they should keep their viewer base no matter who runs the programming.  It still though remains to be seen if programs like "The Factor" could still flourish without Bill OReilly at the desk running things.  Bill though has also had his problems with sexual misdeeds and accusations from a Fox staffer whom I believe was eventually paid off well and the issue kind of died away without anything actually being revealed if it was true or not.   I tend to believe the accusation and that Bill was guilty of what was accused but I don't know that it was in the area of harassment or if there was any punishment handed out to the person making the accusation. 

I'm sure Fox wants to be in the business of reporting news rather than making it so we'll see where things go from here.

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