Melania Trump fires back at librarian who rejected gift of Dr. Seuss books as ‘racist’

What did Mrs. Trump do to the slops this time? Nothing! And now we have the left posting and saying the most disgraceful things about her you can think could be said. She did nothing. She sure as hell hasn't shown herself to be a racist anti-American pig like moochelle and hussein obama. Demoslops are nothing but hypocritical anti-American POS.

The lizard soeiro is more of a "little black sambo" book, or
anything they can copy from white children's literature to
modify and twist for their own racist agenda.
soeiro, like so many thousands of other like minded insecure
phony low IQ voters playing a part their slave owners told them
to carry-on,  

Obviously, the librarian is lacking in manners.  A southern grandmother would wash her mouth out with soap for sending such as nasty letter, rather than a gracious thank you note.  

Calling someone racist used to be a terrible thing.  However, Demmies have over used the word to such an extent that it has little meaning anymore.  Equating Dr. Seuss with a KKK cross burning is ridiculous to anyone possessing a modicum of common sense. 



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