The up side is the slaughterhouse cooks have learned how to
prepare chitterlings, lizard, locust, alligator ovaries, horse flies,  
bear balls, chicken fries or any way they like it, goat milk, assorted
roots and deep fried warthog rinds.
Just dam yummy  
Contendahh posted:

I trust all you sage commenters know the article is a spoof.  Just check out other articles from the same source.


Nearly everything Wozzie posts is a spoof with no basis in reality.  Its whether in his induced state if he can tell the difference.  My comments as to the actual so called meals stand.

an intelligent person would take one look at the headline (it has SHARTING in it for crying out loud) but no, CONTENDAHH needs to research it just in case and then announce to the group how intellectually challenged she is by calling out obvious "shatire" but I digress....I'm used to such stupidity out of most of the low info crowd around here 

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