Mike Flynn Offers to Testify in Russian Probe in Exchange for Immunity

Things just got really interesting....



Trump's former national security adviser told the FBI that he was willing to be interviewed in the Russia probe if he was granted immunity from prosecution in return, officials said.


BREAKING: Mike Flynn has offered to be interviewed in probe of Trump team's Russia ties in exchange for immunity

WSJ reporting Mike Flynn has told the FBI & congressional officials he's willing to testify in exchange for immunity


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how many times i gotta tell y'all.. these republicans are so scared of democrats, they would give the country over to the highest bidder as long as it's not a liberal. isis, russia, turkey.. and the list seems to be growing. i can't see any reason flynn would flip on this deal unless he knew he was the scapegoat and wasn't gonna take in all on his own. and so, the coaster ride begins.

One thing that is left out in all of this is the thought that Mike Flynn could just have an ax to grind having been dismissed from the  position he was.  I'm not saying that what he will have to say is false or tainted but just that if there isn't iron clad proof of it then one has to consider it suspect.  People can make all kinds of statements out of whatever motivation there might be, at the time.

Remember that Mitt Romney paid no taxes as Harry Reid famously said from the Senate, no less, specifying an unnamed source as giving him the surely credible information.  Only after the election and Romney was defeated did a gleeful Reid gloat about the fact that the information quite possibly cost Romney the election or paid a part in it. 

If there is something illegal that was done then people ought to pay the price but as it is one could expect that various people would have had contact  with various Russian contacts.  I just still do not believe that it can be proven or demonstrated that the Russians or any other nation could affect the actual vote count and that's what would have had to have happened.  What I believe the Democrats are still running with is an extension of where Trump, while on the campaign, issued the statement that "Maybe Russia could locate the missing Hillary Clinton emails".  Nowhere did Trump ever say Hack the Democrats or affect the election for his benefit which is what the Democrats are asserting, or so it seems.

I am curious though just what do you (who believe there is something there) believe there is to come out?  What do you believe or assert that Trump did?  Also do you believe Trump did this personally or just someone on his behalf in the campaign? 


GBRK, I have no idea what is to come.   I do know that if the FBI grants immunity it means generally two things.   1.) Flynn has broken the law and 2.) He has strong evidence against someone higher up the food chain.   

FBI doesn't generally grant immunity for people with hearsay and an ax to grind.  There would have to be some substantive evidence.

Sammy the Bull was granted immunity because he had ****ing evidence against Gotti.  

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