Minnesota FM Radio Station Received In Florence, AL 7/15/17

This evening around 8:00 PM CDT I received WTIP 90.7 FM: https://fccdata.org/?facid=555...ppid=1645607&i=2 in Florence, AL. Here is a video of the top of the hour ID(no copyright infringement is intended when posting this video I do not own the content WTIP was broadcasting). This video should be available for download for the next 30 days: https://www.icloud.com/attachm....MOV&sz=96128838

Below are 2 photos of WTIP's RDS text.


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I used 2 radios yesterday evening when I picked up WTIP. Neither of them are expensive models(I think they were both priced around $50 dollars). The radio you see in the 2 pictures is the Insignia HD Walkman, the radio in the video is the Insignia HD Tabletop. I didn't use any fancy antenna when picking up WTIP, only antennas the radios came with. This isn't the first time I have done something like this, I have picked up Mexico on FM: https://tnvalleytalks.hoop.la/t...-florence-al-6-14-16 Colorado and Wyoming on FM: https://tnvalleytalks.hoop.la/t...-florence-al-7-12-16 and Honduras on FM: https://tnvalleytalks.hoop.la/t...-florence-al-5-24-17

So this is the forth time I have had an (E Skip?) opening like this on FM. All these openings were received in Florence, AL. My farthest FM catch (so far) is Honduras at 1,405 miles.

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