Mother: ‘My Son Is Dead Because Politicians…Put Illegal Aliens Ahead of American Citizens’

Because demoslops put illegals ahead of American citizens.


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Yeper,,, Liberal/communist politicians, most actors/actresses,
all illegals, all muslims and in general all anti/non Americans
who believe they have a right over true Americans for a free
ride plus ownership of the country.  Most college so-called
teachers are treasonous, all U.S. military personal that aren't
Christian, Jewish or Native American should be ineligible to serve
or hold public office of any kind/type from city Mayor/city
council person or any position in any school system.
If Trump can pizz them off, there's many of those out here that
could as well. Most of those I displeased would grind their teeth
in a different country........ And that's a memo.. 

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