MSNBC analyst says Trump could win re-election by ‘landslide’

MSNBC contributor Donny Deutsch said President Donald Trump could be re-elected in 2020 by a “landslide” following the morning’s employment news.

What are the details?

Deutsch, who appeared on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” explained Friday that a Trump victory could be in the bag based on unemployment’s record 18-year low, as well as dealings with North Korea.

A Friday report revealed that the unemployment rate was at 3.9 percent, which is the lowest the U.S. level has been in 18 years. The economy also added 164,000 jobs in April.

During his “Morning Joe” appearance, Deutsch said, “3.9, jobs, if he does the North Korea thing, ISIS — this man, unless there’s some real serious stuff in these indictments is gonna get re-elected in a landslide.”

Steve Rattner, “Morning Joe’s” economic analyst, said that Deutsch’s comments weren’t off-base.

“Donny is right, it’s a good number,” he said. “I take Donny’s point, in the fall of 2020, if the economy looks like this, it will be very good for Donald Trump.”



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All Trump has done is work hard toward what he said he would do by deregulation and reduction of taxes all while the anti-Trump folks have spent their time trying to manufacture something to impeach Trump on.  I think he's done a great job and I hope he does get a chance to implement many more of his ideas and programs.  

I think that there has been a learning curve though, for Trump, with respect to working with career politicians of Washington both Democrat and Republicans who could care less about the nation but have only their own political interest in mind.  I think there are plenty of anti-Trump folks who fear each day the progress that Trump may make while in office and they fear his ability to get things done.

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