MSNBC’s Joy Reid blames Rush Limbaugh for Trump

Joy Reid, MSNBC’s hostess with the mostest on all things race-baiting — who, for example, recently expressed reserved and “delicate” hope for Rep. Steve Scalise’s gun wound recovery because of his record “on race” — blamed voter racism and anger, fueled by talk show powerhouse Rush Limbaugh, for the rise of President Donald Trump.

As if conservatives are cattle and can’t think for themselves.

This is leftist elitism, on steroids.

Reid, in the context of discussing Sen. Jeff Flake’s RINOey new book, “Conscience of a Conservative,” which basically takes pot shots at Trump, told her TV host Chuck Todd that “right-wing talk radio over the last 20 something years” has spawned the anger that’s spawned the “vulgarity” that’s spawned, ultimately, the Trump White House.

And of particular fault?

Limbaugh, she said.

Reid said, Mediaite reported: “Donald Trump recognized better than they did, better than Jeff Flake did, better than John McCain did, that he could simply identify with the text of what people were saying on talk radio or listening to when they heard Rush Limbaugh, the anger and rage they felt all the time, the sense of political correctness, meaning, ‘I can’t say these things because I can’t keep my job and be in polite society.’ Trump said, ‘Yes, you can, or I can say them for you.’ ”

And that was Trump’s key to success — Limbaugh’s listeners, she said. Limbaugh’s sheeple-like listeners, she meant.

“So all Trump did was take a lot of the subtext and anger that was already there,” Reid said. “He didn’t invent this. Trump is just making it open and obvious, and Republican elites can’t stand it.”



The stupidity of liberals, ability to ignore their ignorance

and to Destroy what gives them freedom


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I have listened, and followed, Rush Limbaugh through the years from his first broadcast some 29 years ago until today.   I am not a member of Rush's RUSH 24 or whatever he calls it nor do I hang by every word he mentions and I am frankly turned off by a lot of the bombastic type talk even though I believe I know why he does it.  That said  I have also heard much of the talk and accusations against Rush Limbaugh through the years and like with many Conservatives it's just plain false and biased statements from people that have no idea what he says. 

Without a doubt Rush Limbaugh is a Conservative and does not deviate from his Conservative convictions however he is anything but biased or prejudiced.  In fact I dare say that those who make those, false, accusations are they themselves the very example of what they warning against.   Rush has made a fortune from his chosen profession and performs it in a consistent fashion with few deviations.  He relishes those who decry him and who complain about him because he likes nothing less than agitate them and for this they reserve the very same frothing anger that they demonstrate for Trump.   It is without question that those like this MSNBC commentator would like to run Rush off the air but I believe it is for these very people that Rush acts and behaves the way he does.   As for his opinions and what he says in all the years I have listened and heard him there was never anything he said that I thought was the least bit racist.   In fact Rush chose minorities for his call screeners and has kept the same family employed in that position and as his main employee, very well paid I might say, for all those years.   I doubt very seriously that this minority employee, who knows him best, would say he was racist either.

As for Rush being responsible for Trump.  Democrats would hate to admit it but Democrats themselves, along with some Republican establishment politicians are responsible for Trump being elected ... that along with the fact that Trump, in his campaign speeches, said what people finally were waiting for someone to say.  At least that's my opinion about it.

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